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Direct Objective: B2B Marketing Consulting Agency and Lead Generation Firm

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inbound marketing campaigns direct objective

Direct Objective Consulting is a business-to-business (B2B) Montreal-based marketing design agency, assisting small and medium companies succeed in North American and international markets. We specialize in B2B lead generation, demand creation and commercialization of technology companies, manufacturing organizations, and innovative service firms.

Direct Objective differs from a traditional B2B marketing agency in three ways:

  1. Technical expertise: Our company and its leading members have backgrounds in engineering and technical R&D areas. This allows our company to deliver proven B2B marketing results, bridging between the innovations of the R&D team to the target market.
  2. Focus on traditional and online marketing: To attract new clients, Direct Objective is using a combined approach. While focusing on the online media and social media marketing, Internet marketing is just one of the building blocks of the pull strategy that Direct Objective is offering its clients. Many companies are now neglecting traditional media such as press releases and plugging stories in the news/media. Direct Objective maximizes your marketing ROI and can help customize the right marketing mix for your business.
  3. One-stop shop mentality: Direct Objective is a one-stop shop B2B marketing agency with a passion for making things happen. From A to Z, Direct Objective escorts clients from marketing strategy, branding, B2B lead generation campaigns, lead nurturing, and marketing automation to ultimately measuring marketing ROI. Whatever your needs, Direct Objective Consulting has the answer for you, developing your initial strategy and then working with you to execute successful marketing campaigns on your behalf.

Direct Objective focuses on small and medium-sized companies looking to expand into North American and international markets. The company specializes in working with technology companies, manufacturers and large service companies. Having consultants with engineering background and extensive IT expertise, Direct Objective is a B2B marketing agency for technology commercialization, IT marketing, and innovative products such as software, hardware, security, and telecommunications. For manufacturers that would like to expand their distribution network to the US or other international markets, Direct Objective serves as a B2B lead generation advisor and knowledge resource for how to enter new markets, while lowering risks and expenses. Large service companies require maintaining high brand awareness and an excellent reputation. A B2B marketing agency, such as Direct Objective can help build trust amongst potential clients.

We are always excited to take on new challenges. Our mission is to create demand for products or services of our clients and maximize their marketing ROI by creating leads and attracting potential clients through customized marketing strategies. We remain committed to providing high quality, effective, professional, and reliable service to our clients at all times. Above all, we strive to build strong and prosperous long-term relationships with every client, and provide them support and they grow from small-medium enterprises to large, successful, and visible companies.

From initial marketing strategy, to the corporate branding, to B2B sales lead generation and beyond, Direct Objective is ready to take on your next assignment.

The Direct Objective B2B marketing agency is based in Montreal, Quebec, and was founded by Gil Gruber to address the challenges of small-medium companies to get new prospects and converting them into paying clients. We aim to meet your business and marketing objectives, whether through traditional marketing strategy or through the new techniques of online B2B marketing.

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