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Strategic Marketing Plan - Business Strategy Consulting

A strategic marketing plan is an important step in developing a successful business


“Gil developed the marketing plan for a mobile business application. His quick grasp of the salient points of a high-tech product was remarkable, and as a small company we greatly appreciated his ability to develop and implement an effective plan using innovative and cost-effective means to wring the greatest impact from a limited marketing budget. His professionalism and loyalty were much appreciated.”

Julian Tuck, CEO, Epicad


Composing strategic marketing plan is the best way to ensure you will follow a successful business marketing strategy. A company has to have solid strategic marketing plan to coordinate effective and independent marketing campaigns. A good practice is to invest in marketing strategy consulting beforehand. This means that an external body will ensure that separate campaigns will be well-integrated with one another and that they will all project the right marketing message. Think of marketing strategy consulting as the drawing of a roadmap to recruit new clients — the essential purpose of any business marketing strategy.

Creating a strategic marketing plan used to involve drafting a 500-page document to implement over a five year period. Companies would create the marketing plan at the outset and stick to it, no matter what. However, marketing has evolved considerably since then. Business marketing now changes at a rapid pace, and tactics are shifting all the time. In particular, the Internet has changed the face of strategic marketing plan and business marketing strategy consulting.

The Web has made it possible to more quickly and accurately measure campaign results. Campaigns can now be frequently tweaked and adjusted for maximum effectiveness. This means that business marketing strategy now needs to be updated and revised constantly.

A strategic marketing plan is more than just a to-do list. Above all, a business marketing strategy should represent the overall positioning strategy of a company. If your business marketing strategy does not have a consistent marketing message and a clearly defined target market, you may as well be shooting in the dark. In contrast, a good strategic marketing plan will allow you to recognize and act on trends and client profiles that fit with your company’s products or services. Marketing strategy consulting can identify niche markets that other companies may overlook. Having these markets identified in a business marketing strategy is important for developing and expanding your own group of loyal customers.

Advice on Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic marketing plan must be practical and focused in order to produce results. Here are some tips for creating an effective business marketing strategy:

  1. The business marketing strategy should focus on a specific target market. It can be tempting to widen the scope of the target market, but this is actually counter-productive. A business marketing strategy will yield much better results if it is geared towards a specific and relevant target audience.
  2. The business marketing strategy should address different kinds of leads. A business marketing strategy should generate new client contacts. Invest in marketing strategy consulting to produce an action plan for different kinds of leads.
  3. The business marketing strategy should allow for measurable results. The more you can monitor the campaign performance, the better the results will be.
  4. The business marketing strategy should be realistic. Marketing strategy consulting is helpful in creating achievable goals and tactics.

Ultimately, a business marketing strategy should exist as a dynamic document to guide lead generation campaigns. If the marketing plan is to work, the campaigns must always serve as learning experiences. When lessons have been learned, they should be immediately incorporated in the next plan session. With constant updates and changes to your plan, you’ll always have an effective strategic marketing plan.

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