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Marketing Automation Tools and B2B Lead Generation

For the most efficient B2B lead generation campaigns, marketing automation is a necessity


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Modern client prospecting places high responsibilities on a company’s marketing personnel, whether measuring and demonstrating the effectiveness of marketing activities or filling a “jack of all trades” role in multiple marketing areas. One way to relieve the overload on the modern marketer is to purchase B2B marketing automation tools. These marketing automation tools can dramatically lower the resources invested in the execution of marketing activities, and can also provide a method to easily measure marketing ROI.

However, most small-medium companies have limited marketing resources, and cannot afford to invest in a full-time marketing department that can fully utilize all of the available tools. Therefore, many of these companies outsource their marketing activities to an outside agency, which can act as an extension of the company and effectively operate B2B marketing automation tools to their full potential.

B2B marketing automation can autonomously execute marketing plans, deliver results and ensure your organization receives quality new client leads.

Here are few categories of marketing automation tools that can make it easier for marketers in their daily life and has a clear impact on a company’s bottom line:

  1. Market Research Tools – Marketing research tools can help marketers learn about their ideal target markets. Through surveys, social media listening tools, or other Web behavioural Analysis tools, you are able to segment clients with the most potential for your solution. When the collected data is applied with statistical analysis, companies can better construct their marketing strategy and direction, and project results more accurately.
  2. Search Engine Marketing Tools – As discussed in our section on Search Engine Optimization, the algorithms of search engines are rapidly changing. Efficiently keeping up with these changes and trends as a marketer in a small-medium business is close to impossible. Search engine marketing tools, therefore, are a form of marketing automation that enables marketers to cut the meticulous work that needs to be done to ensure high ranking on the search engine result pages.
  3. Web Analytic Tools – On the surface, web analytic tools seem easy to use, especially if you use the very user-friendly interface that Google Analytics provides. However, this is not the only Web analytics marketing automation tool in the market and there are other paid tools that can provide you a deeper analysis of your Web traffic. Proper marketing automation web analytics finds the key pieces of data necessary to help determine whether your site is really driving the quality and quantity of traffic that will generate leads and revenue for your company. This is the wisdom of transforming raw data into meaningful insights about B2B lead generation.
  4. Web Content Management – For those who need to constantly manage the content on their Web site but don’t have a grasp on the finer points of HTML coding and other programming languages, a web content management system (WCMS) can provide website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools. This allows administrators within the company to easily create and manage a website’s content. It also enables collaboration, so that multiple departments within the company can maintain and update their own sections of a webpage. If a website is current and updated, it will increase usability and encourage more potential clients to browse the site and your company
  5. Campaign Design Tools – Even when trying to create a unique marketing campaign, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel: make full use of decades of past marketing. Campaign design automation tools can help marketers use proven and successful marketing techniques to segment markets, test campaigns, manage client lists, create email lead generation campaigns and Web landing pages, and report results for B2B lead generation campaigns
  6. Campaign Management Tools – Marketing campaigns can get complicated, especially when trying to create multiple campaigns for dozens of segments of existing or potential clients. Marketing automation tools can help execute campaigns properly, whether managing email campaigns, client offers, client budgets, lead generation progress, or client segment profiles
  7. Lead Capture, Scoring & Routing Tools – When you invest in B2B lead generation efforts, you must be ready to understand how to handle the leads that you are getting. It is very common to see companies collecting large lists of prospect leads, failing to harvest their real hidden potential. Some marketing automation tools boost the potential for B2B lead generation by explicitly setting priorities when exploring potential clients. Using a quantitative approach, lead capture tools can collect and rate user data based on set criteria using explicit methods, like account information, or implicit methods, like behavioural analysis. This ties closely with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Sales Force Automation (SFA), a popular term within marketing for the ability of a company to “manage” its interactions with its clients.
  8. Lead nurturing tools – As discussed in our lead nurturing section, conversion of clients is about building relationships over longer periods of time. However, many small-medium companies need to remain focused on the here-and-now, moving between different pressing situations, and often don’t have the time to invest in relationships with an indeterminate date for payoff. Fortunately, marketing automation tools are available that can make it easy to follow up on leads and nurture them, such as event-triggered communications, lead nurturing multistep segmentation, automatic responses, and inactivity clawback, and more. These marketing automation tools will allow your company to keep a good handle not only on current clients, but prospective ones as well.

B2B marketing automation must be implemented with a firm foundation of Marketing Strategy and branding. If you think your company is ready to invest in marketing automation, talk with us about your options.

We’d be happy to consult you about which B2B marketing automation tools would best fit with your B2B lead generation efforts.

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