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Montreal’s B2B Technology Marketing Company Philosophy

Direct Objective is a Montreal B2B marketing company with a results-oriented philosophy and vast business experience

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inbound marketing campaigns direct objective

Creativity – In a very competitive economy, an out-of-the-box, cutting-edge approach is often the best marketing strategy. Pragmatic creativity is at the core of Direct Objective’s success, whether in technology marketing or any another industry. Our unique inbound marketing approach and focus on nurturing prospects will increase customer loyalty and ensure your business improves performance and profitability.

Passion for Technology Marketing – We understand technology and how to effectively market it. With our background in engineering, we know how to bridge the gap between R&D and sales teams. Direct Objective is able to strategically convert complex technical concepts into market-driven products and services. We apply sophisticated concepts into pragmatic solutions and easy-to-understand technology marketing.

Internationally Experienced Montreal-Based Marketing Company– It’s a small world, after all: today's global marketplace requires sensitivity to cultural differences, whether introducing innovations, new technology marketing concepts, or fresh products and services. All of these elements affect buyer-purchasing behavior in different ways. Though Direct Objective is a Montreal-Based B2B marketing company, we have worked across the globe to successfully market diverse products and services. Our experience spans America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Vision - We can assess your business situation by looking at your sales objectives and current market trends. We are aware of the evolution of new business models, developing marketing techniques, and changing B2B technology marketing concepts. We have the expertise to define the best approach for accomplishing your business objectives.

Leadership – Direct Objective is recognized for taking initiative and leading projects to completion. We are known for being able to interact successfully with all levels of an organization and to earn the trust and respect of the R&D team, high-level executives and sale people. President Gil Gruber has experience leading many different companies to new heights of success.

Versatility - We have experience in major marketing areas: strategic planning, market analysis, branding, B2B lead generation campaigns, business & channel development, and B2B marketing communications. Our experience gives us the flexibility required for successful teamwork and exponential growth in various industries, with an emphasis on technology marketing.

Transferability of Skills - We have successfully applied skills and strengths from one industry to another, leveraging our past success and giving a fresh perspective. Whether for B2B technology marketing or other products and services, we can dive into any industry and steer you on the right path.

Motivational Skills - We have a number of methods for encouraging functional groups to work well together to achieve common goals, and can serve as a liaison between management, R&D, and sales teams.

Winning Attitude - We expect your success. No challenge is too daunting, no obstacle is insurmountable. The sky is the limit. If you want to grow your business, Direct Objective will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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