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B2B Industries: Technology, Manufacturing and Services

Direct Objective has proven experience in marketing companies in service, manufacturing, and technology marketing industries

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inbound marketing campaigns direct objective

At Direct Objective Consulting, our focus is international expansion and B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing lead and demand generation. Though we have extensive experience in B2C (Business-to-Consumer) marketing, we believe specialization is the only way to truly develop expertise and excel.

Focusing on B2B marketing companies, Direct Objective Consulting assists companies develop successful market awareness, innovative strategic marketing plans, and growing their customer base internationally. Our B2B marketing services concentrate on three distinct industries:

  1. Technology marketing (sometimes referred to as ITC: Information Technology & Telecommunication) – We have over 20 years of experience developing technology marketing, including strategies for software, SAAS (Software As A Service), hardware, security, medical devices, military, telecommunications, alternative energy, multi-media entertainment and ecommerce industries. Beyond marketing, our leading consultants have strong engineering backgrounds that enable us to grasp innovative technological specifications fast, express it in a simple manner to your target market and prepare the tools and marketing campaigns that can assist your sales team to be successful in international markets.
  2. Manufacturing – From the playground to home construction industries, we have been assisting manufacturing clients penetrate new markets, build better distribution networks and ensure that they use effective and modern marketing methods to attract new clients. Our experience in technology allows us to help clients automate some of their marketing activities, gain efficiency and obtain measurable results.
  3. Large Service Firms – Marketing service companies is not the same as marketing product-based companies. Selling an intangible solution is highly related to the reputation of the company, which is why the perception and the marketing of the service play a major role in the success of service-oriented businesses. Being a service company, Direct Objective Consulting has extensive knowledge on how to successfully manage a service-based business.

If your industry is not listed here, please contact us and if we do not handle your industry, we will able to refer you to one of our business partners.

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