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Published on Thursday 21st of May 2009

Business Blog Writing and HTML Email Newsletter Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Business blog writing and html email newsletters are great ways to remind prospects of your company’s presence. By staying in the awareness of prospects, you significantly increase the likelihood that they will become clients. So which should you use? Strive to have both, as business blogs and email newsletters marketing can often work in tandem. Business blogs have quite different content from html email newsletters and it is important to understand the difference:
Business Blog Writing
Business blogs are an opportunity to lay out an opinion on a given subject and weigh in on industry news or trends. Business blogs are usually brief, concise and informative, teaching readers about a certain topic. A blog will let you educate readers about new concepts and trends that you would like to introduce to the market. Business blogs are valuable because they reflect the personal attitude and experience of the blog writer. They are a great way to build trust and credibility. With relevant content and well-written blog writing, you can get regular visitors to read your thoughts on your business blog.
Good blog writing is not always easy, and a business blog can be time-consuming and difficult to maintain. For one, blog writers must take into account Seach Engine Optimization practices. By infusing blog writing with relevant keywords, a business blog will rank high on search engines and get a high amount of traffic. It would also have an impact on the traffic going to your Web site, provided the blog is well integrated into your site.
Still, even with good search engine ranking, audiences only read business blogs when they want to. You have to entice them to subscribe to your blog so that they will read it regularly. Writing business blogs is a commitment and thus many companies outsource their business blog writing to a marketing company. Companies will typically come up with the subject, decide their stance, and choose how they would like to present it. The actual write-up is performed by a professional marketing copywriter.  
Html Email Newsletter Marketing
Html email newsletter marketing is perfect for a company requiring a long sales cycle. If your buyer needs time and information before deciding to go with your company, it’s important to stay in touch. Html email newsletters shed light on the offering and make decision-makers more knowledgeable over time. Over the long-term, email newsletter marketing will reinforce to decision-makers that yours is the right service/product for them. Otherwise, prospects may visit your site, but never return. If they subscribe to your html email newsletter, they will always be reminded to come back and read your business blog, or look at new web content. The result will cement your credibility and expertise.
Html email newsletters, as opposed to blogs, are not so much about broadcasting personal opinions as they are about keeping contact with clients, distribution channels, and prospects. Email newsletter marketing is an easy way to keep clients abreast of what is going on in your company as well as current industry news. When you update your business blog, make changes to your website, or come out with a new product, a great way to let prospects know is through email newsletter marketing. If you acquire a prestigious client, receive an award, or recruit a new staff member, you can also inform your target audience with email newsletter marketing.

While the content of email newsletter marketing is all about what is newsworthy, it is crucial that an html email newsletter is properly written with an aesthetic appeal. The subject line has to be tantalizing but clear. To avoid having your email intercepted as spam, the body of the email must avoid using certain words which will surely send your html email newsletter straight to the junk mailbox.
Last but not least, if your company intends to send out monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly newsletters, you need to make sure that you are delivering on time. Some companies may outsource their email newsletter marketing along with business blog writing. This way everything is sent out regularly with content that will increase traffic to the business blog.

Business blog writing and html email newsletters build trust. Want to stay in the awareness of prospects? Ask yourself whether it might be worthwhile to start a business blog and/or invest in email newsletter marketing now. Read more about html email newsletters in my next blog.


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