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Published on Tuesday 13th of July 2010

Should You Attend Business Conferences?

Business conferences are about exposing people to new information in a particular industry and staying up to date with your industry trends. However, during the past decade, we have seen a steady decline in how many companies attend business conferences. There are a few reasons for this decline:
So, these days, business conferences aren’t as crucial as they used to be. For most companies, I wouldn’t recommend to attend business conferences. There are exceptions for some industries, however. Sometimes, the opportunity to network in person at business conferences can be too important to pass up. Sometimes, there is regional interest or a very closed industry community, where meeting in person is more valuable than meeting online. Generally the best approach is to attend conferences where you can secure speaking opportunities in front of your target market. This will give you added visibility and credibility, which can yield new client leads.

Contact me and I can assess whether you could benefit from attending certain business conferences and help you secure speaking engagements.


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