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Business Case Analysis of Your Business Model and Strategy

What is a Business Case Analysis?


“When it was time to take my company from a free, open site, to a membership, subscription site, Gil Gruber led the successful process. Gil led the site redesign development, spearheaded the implementation of e-commerce, and forged new business relationships that helped take Cyberdiet to the next level."

Cynthia Fink, Founder,


Business case analysis can confirm that your company’s solution fills a need in the market. With tighter budgets and more offerings, companies need to justify their spending in product and service development. A business case analysis will determine whether a market is large enough to be worthwhile for your business. Business case analysis will also determine how best to develop a fast and profitable marketing business model.

Why It Pays to Test a Business Model Through Business Case Analysis

Successful companies use a proven business model. Every economic crisis brings home the importance of business model analysis and why it is so crucial to develop a solid marketing business model. Now more than ever, there are constant changes in the market: outsourcing trends, Software-As-A-Service(SAAS), e-businesses, wireless computing, open source development, social media, and cloud computing to name a few. Using a proven marketing business model lowers the risk these changes can pose for a company. The impact can reach into the technology, education, healthcare, music, and book industries in particular, and for these it is important to constantly redefine your marketing business model.

A new marketing business model can still be successful, even if there is no precedent set in business case studies. On the contrary, a new business model lends credence to what we already know: that for an innovative business to survive, it must have a viable business model just like any other business.

Get the Green Light for Your Marketing Business Model

Direct Objective Consulting has extensive experience with business model analysis in evolving industries. After conducting brief market research and a financial business case analysis, we can give you qualified insight into your venture, ultimately deciding whether your business case merits the green light. Our research results can enable you to convince investors of the viability of your business.

If you have an innovative product or service and you are not sure whether it makes sense to invest in it, or would like business model analysis to ensure the venture is worthwhile pursuing, please feel free to contact us.

Let Direct Objective conduct in-depth business case analysis to determine the viability of your business model!