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“With their technical background, Direct Objective was able to easily understand complex technology and engineering processes, and translate that to a simple concept that our customers could understand. We feature these concepts on our website now, and we are getting international leads from all over the world.”

Joël Martin, CEO, Transtech Innovations


A professional Web layout design can do a lot to boost results for lead generation marketing campaigns. Ideally, a good Web layout design should help users navigate a Web site and find the solution they need. If your site is not getting many leads through your Web site, there may be a problem with the Web layout design or with the lead generation strategy.

For example, the layout may interfere with Web site usability and thus make users leave your site before they see your solution. To generate the most leads possible, the image and layout design of a web site should reflect your company’s branding and positioning strategy. Only a professional web layout with an organized web site usability design may reflect the right image for your target market.

The look and feel of the professional web layout and usability design is not the only reason your web site may not generate leads. In fact, there are many other factors aside from web layout design that factor in to overall web site usability. These include the site’s web content, as well as overall site navigation and organization. Lead generation may also be affected by the quality of Search Engine Optimization in addition to the layout design.

How to Create Leads with a Professional Web Layout Design and Usability Design

Direct Objective Consulting’s web design services assess web sites, ensuring that site usability and web layout design are in line with the marketing strategy. For companies, web design is essential, in order to convey the right message over international borders. We consider a web site’s design and concept on various measures and act to:

  1. Ensure the site has a professionalweb layout design that fits with the company’s branding and positioning strategy
  2. Convert web site visitors into sales leads with a custom-designed web layout
  3. Stimulate web site loyalty and repeat visitors by using straightforward navigation and an intuitive site usability design
  4. Ensure high web site traffic with an appealing web site and layout design

Web Layout Design Services with Direct Objective Consulting

How is Direct Objective different from any other web design agency?

  1. A professional web design agency will perform the actual design of a site, while Direct Objective develops the concept and the web layout in line with your company’s marketing plan and positioning strategy. We work with subcontractors or selected design agencies to create the best web design for your lead generation efforts.
  2. At Direct Objective, we ensure that your web design services maximizes web site usability and has a professional web layout.
  3. New web sites may compromise site usability in favor of elaborative or innovative site designs. Direct Objective ensures that site usability is maintained along with an appealing web design, for overall better results.
  4. Direct Objective will create a site layout design that is directly in line with the branding and positioning strategy of your company. Every company is different, and we ensure a professional web layout that reflects your marketing image.
  5. Last but not least, Direct Objective has history of developing Web sites that have won awards and have gained commercial profitability.

Talk with Direct Objective today about creating a professional web design layout for your company page!

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