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Email Newsletter Marketing: Make It Work!

Tips for Better HTML Email Newsletters


“Always looking to create more creative and efficient campaigns, Direct Objective measures everything and works with us step-by-step to reach our marketing goals. They increased our Web presence, which gave the company a prominent profile and secured new leads for us.”

Jaspal Rangi, Monsoon Corporate Design


Email newsletter marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your Web site and remind clients and prospects about your business. It’s important to ensure that your HTML emails aren’t categorized as spam or thrown into the junk mail folder. The benefits of well-done HTML email newsletters go beyond just increasing sales. With professionally managed email newsletter marketing, you will:

  1. Showcase your expertise and display credibility
  2. Build your company brand
  3. Develop sense of loyalty in email newsletter recipients

HTML email newsletters need to be properly designed and formatted to be successful. There are many elements to an effective email marketing campaign. Read on for tips on better HTML email newsletters.

10 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Newsletters

  1. Know your email newsletter reader: Find out what your readers are interested in and tailor your HTML email newsletter accordingly. You can invite explicit input, do some pro-active research, or use an email marketing solution such as Vertical Response to track which links your readers click. Always use opt-in lists – they are the only ones that will create a successful email newsletter marketing campaign.
  2. Come up with a strong subject line for your email newsletter: The subject line of an email newsletter is like a front-page newspaper headline. You need to draw readers in to get them to read your HTML email newsletter, so make sure the subject line is engaging and relevant. Try to keep it within 25 characters so that the whole subject line of the email newsletter is visible in their inbox before they open the email.
  3. Pay attention to the design of your HTML email newsletter. Make sure your email marketing is always attractively designed. The appearance of email newsletters shouldn’t be too busy or crowded. Keep the length short and make sure the eye isn’t distracted by superfluous design elements. Where appropriate, use charts, graphs, and diagrams to efficiently convey information.
  4. Keep email newsletter content up-to-date and relevant: Your email marketing newsletters should always be filled with new content. Readers don’t want to waste their time, so make sure your HTML email newsletters are filled with useful news.
  5. Keep the writing of your email marketing newsletters simple. Avoid industry jargon and explain any technical terms and acronyms. HTML email newsletters should focus on branding and positioning and not have flowery or difficult writing.
  6. Make sure the text of the email newsletter is clearly organized. Your newsletter recipients may be very busy, so make things easier for them and ensure your email newsletters are easy to scan through quickly. Try breaking up the email newsletter text with headings and bullet points. Post in-depth information on your blog and web site and link from the newsletter.
  7. Make sure your email newsletters reflect your personality. HTML email newsletters are a great opportunity to let your personality shine through. Readers are much more likely to be loyal if they feel like they know you. Include a little bit of yourself in the email newsletter—humour, a personal anecdote, an opinion, or personal details.
  8. Personalize your email marketing newsletters. When someone signs up to receive your company’s email newsletter, make sure to get their name. Then you can use it in the greeting or subject line of your HTML email newsletter for a more intimate feeling.
  9. Include an automatic forwarding function for your email marketing newsletters. Include a link in your HTML email newsletters that will encourage readers to forward the newsletter on to their friends and colleagues. Sit back and watch your database of newsletter recipients grow!
  10. Feature clearly visible unsubscribe function in all your email newsletter marketing. Make sure recipients can easily locate the unsubscribe function on your HTML email newsletters. This will point to the integrity of your company and readers will be more likely to trust the contents of your HTML email newsletters.

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