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Enter the US Market or Other International Markets

Be prepared and make your first steps to expand internationally with international marketing services


“Resulting in a sizable global market penetration, Gil headed for us a design team of a new system management software product. He launched the product effectively and quickly Worldwide and managed to replace other significant players competing products"

Roni Einav, Former Chairman and President of New Dimension Software [acquired by BMC Software]


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So you’d like to expand internationally and enter the US market or international markets? Over the years, Direct Objective has assisted companies with international business marketing services in more than 60 different markets across 5 continents. Before getting started with your international growth, you should be clear what your reasons for expansion are.

Here are few reasons to enter international markets:

So if entering global markets is so attractive, why are most companies hesitating or delaying their international debut? On a weekly basis Direct Objective meets with companies that have tried to expand internationally, by entering US, European, Japanese or other markets and failed. Some companies are so traumatized by failure that they refuse to reconsider another international adventure. How does this happen?

In Little Red Riding Hood, (yes, our childhood can teach us more than we think), her mother instructs her not to talk with strangers. We’ll rephrase it slightly, and say “Don’t talk with strangers, unless you’re well prepared.”  Most companies are not prepared enough to enter the US market or other international markets.

Preparing to Enter the US Market or International Markets: 5 Steps

The most important issue is to avoid trying to go globally alone. You don’t want to follow in the footsteps of Little Red Riding Hood. Hire experts and seek out strategic partnerships that can assist you based on a real business experience in the market you are targeting.

If you would like to share your international expansion challenges with us, or consult with us about our international business marketing services, please feel free to contact us.