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What is a Functional Specification Document?


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A functional specification document (also known as a functional design specification document or a functional requirements document) describes in detail to the Research and Development department the functional specifications of an offering — from its capabilities, to its appearance, to its interactions with stakeholders.

Indeed, functional specifications can be thought of as a kind of reference point for developers as they build a solution. A functional spec document typically comes with a series of diagrams to showcase the user interface and describe possible user inputs and possible responses. A particular functional design specification may also contain formal descriptions of user tasks, dependencies on other products or services, and usability criteria.

Preparing the Functional Specification Document and Functional Design Specification

Functional specifications should be written by someone who understands the particular aspects of the user of the solution. The writer should be familiar with user-interface issues and web design, and be comfortable enough with the technology to know its capabilities and limitations. The writer should also be detailed and skilled in drafting a functional requirements document.

While writing a functional specification document, a writer will have to imagine how a user will use a certain feature, and how they will navigate their way through operating a solution. Not only must this world be mapped out visually, but it must be detailed and balance everything with technological limitations and business demands. The writer of a functional spec document must marry the user experience with various departmental, business, and technical project requirements.

So just how is marketing tied into a functional specification document?

Considering Marketing Requirements for a Functional Specification Document

If you have clear marketing requirements for a product or service, then it is important to understand why particular product behaviour is important. The solution must address potential client needs. By focusing on functional spec elements rather than structure or physical aspects, the development team will be developing a beneficial solution for the target market and enable you to market it much more easily to prospective clients.

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