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Gil Gruber, MBA — Leading A Strategic Marketing Consulting Company


“Gil is an excellent consultant and collaborator with which we work regularly. He is results-oriented. His analyses and his advice led us to a very good positioning in the market. Gil is an adviser who distinguishes itself for his sense of the business and his vast professional network. He has high standard of integrity and his loyalty towards his clients is remarkable."

Claire Hérard Jr., CEO, CKuria


Gil Gruber is the founder of Direct Objective Consulting, a strategic marketing consulting company based in Montreal. Gil gained over 10 years of business experience in diverse roles as a marketing executive before launching Direct Objective, his own strategic marketing consulting company.

Gil Gruber is first and foremost about getting results and boosting clients' revenue. Gil Gruber is an entrepreneurial and results-oriented individual with the expertise to develop a business into an established and profitable company. His entire career history in strategic marketing emphasized taking companies with zero revenue and creating new revenues with innovative products, new alliances, and fresh distribution channels.

Gil’s technological experience as an engineer has enabled him to quickly learn complex new fields and promote them with simple and understandable positioning strategies. As the president of Direct Objective, a strategic marketing consulting company, Gil feels comfortable handling rapidly evolving technology. He knows how to identify market opportunities and make strategic marketing adjustments in products and sales efforts to exploit market opportunities. He has built good working relationships with many startup companies, as well as with top officers of large corporations worldwide such as Ericsson, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T and Toyota in Japan.

Before launching the Direct Objective marketing consulting company in 2003, Gil was the president and CEO of, based in Manhattan, where he took the company from being an anonymous free-of-charge site to a successful commercial eBusiness featured on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Business Week, as well as in many TV segments. His strategic marketing skills brought over 50 awards to the site, including the coveted Forbes Favorite, Best of the Web Award.

Gil is a frequent speaker in conferences, associations and international events, including the McGill International Executive Institute, Quebec Technology Association (AQT, formerly called Réseau Interlogiq), and Canadian Technology Network (CTN). He lectures on the evolving practices of strategic marketing consulting and particularly the current advantages and applications of inbound marketing campaigns.

Gil holds an MBA in marketing. He also holds a BA in Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology. His education gives him the know-how to create demand for a particular product or service and to bridge between technology and people. Learn more about Gil's strategic marketing experience in his profile at LinkedIn and his online reputation profile at Naymz.

Contact Gil and the rest of the team for a free consultation session to learn how Direct Objective can assist you in attracting new clients.

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