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An Effective Bulk/ Mass Email Marketing Campaign


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A mass email marketing campaign is an effective way to create and nurture leads, but has come under fire lately due to its abuse by spammers and junk mail filters.
Unfortunately, many companies’ bulk email marketing efforts are going unread or trapped in an overzealous spam folder, for three reasons:

  1. Bad word choice: Spam filters are trained to operate in a particular fashion. The right wording in your titles and content of your mass emails is very important; otherwise, they’ll likely end up on the trash heap. Knowing a few techniques will keep your emails in the Inbox where they belong.
  2. The quality of your lists: All your mass email marketing lists should be permission-based, recently up-to-date, and focused on a specific segment.
  3. Your content: Even if you keep your lists up to date and your words are carefully chosen, people still can have hundreds of emails per day sent to them. Why should they read yours?

Mass Email Marketing Campaigns and CAN-SPAM

Bulk email marketing has also been complicated by the introduction of the CAN-SPAM regulation, which was implemented in 2004 to curb the spread of spam from bulk email marketing lists. Some of the rules an email marketing company now have to respect include:

  1. Mass email marketing lists can be used, but any email marketing campaign must feature an “opt-out method” which allows users to unsubscribe to future emails.
  2. A bulk email marketing campaign cannot have false subject lines or header information which would mislead email recipients.
  3. Permission-based email marketing campaigns, or “opt-in” campaigns, are the only legal form of promotion with bulk email marketing lists. This means that a company cannot send completely unsolicited emails.
  4. Companies must explicitly identify their mass email marketing campaigns as ads or solicitations.
  5. Any bulk email marketing company must include the sender’s postal address.

A Permission-Based Mass Email Marketing Campaign

Unless recipients have explicitly consented to receive promotional bulk email marketing campaigns, it is illegal to buy email addresses from a database. Often, the volume and quality of contacts for mass email marketing are not very good anyway. So how can companies get around this?

A good email marketing company doesn’t need to buy mass email marketing lists. Instead, a bulk email marketing company will develop strategies to accumulate their own opt-in mass email marketing list. Usually, building an opt-in mass email marketing list means you have to offer something to prospects in exchange for their email contact information. Direct Objective Consulting not only develops the concept for mass email marketing campaigns, but also creates incentives for prospects to give out their contact information.

How to Measure a Successful Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Mass email marketing can be a very effective promotional tool, but without web tracking, there is no way to know whether an email marketing campaign is performing good. Bulk email campaign applications such as Vertical Response send out mass email marketing campaigns and give feedback on campaign performance. An email marketing company will then have detailed information on how many people read the email, how many people clicked a link in the email, and how many emails were unsubscribed or bounced.

Statistics like these show whether or not mass email campaigns are effective. Tracking allows an email marketing company to modify its campaigns to improve their performance. For example, if recipients are opening an email, but not clicking the site link, perhaps a better call to action is needed. If there is a low open rate, the subject line might not be compelling enough, or the mass email marketing list might not make up the target audience. Email tracking is a valuable tool for the continued success of mass email marketing campaigns.

Tips for Creating an Effective Mass Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Use only relevant bulk email marketing lists.
    Determine your target audience before sending out your mass email marketing campaign and make sure your bulk email marketing list fits the bill. Promoting aviation systems to daycare center owners will not yield any conversions, no matter how many contacts you have. So make sure people are interested in what you are sending, and send only permission-based email marketing campaigns.

  2. Have something to say in your mass email marketing campaign
    Content is important! An email marketing company needs to be familiar with your product or service to create convincing and relevant content. If you are creating your own content, you need to make sure you provide something of use to the recipients or the email marketing campaign will not inspire any interest and you will lose credibility.

  3. Create a bulk email marketing campaign with visual appeal
    Permission-based email marketing campaigns should be aesthetically pleasing. This is a great opportunity to emphasize your branding. Rather than just inserting text, create an email marketing campaign with images and links. An email marketing company will almost always have a web designer on hand to create an attractive and appealing HTML layout for your mass email marketing campaign.

  4. Personalize your permission-based email marketing campaign
    Opt-in email marketing campaigns generally give you access to a lot of personal information as well as contact coordinates. Make use of this information and personalize your mass email marketing campaign with the recipient’s name, location, title — whatever relevant information you have. The best email marketing companies tailor their emails as much as possible to each recipient. Amazon, for instance, sends mass email marketing campaigns featuring the recipient’s latest purchase along with recommended product suggestions. Using dynamic fields to tailor every bulk email marketing campaign builds the recipient’s trust and increases conversion rates.

  5. Have a compelling subject line for your email marketing campaign
    No matter how much work you put into your permission-based email marketing campaign, it won’t help if people don’t open it. The subject line is your one chance to convince members of a bulk email marketing list that your email is worth reading. So make it count. Build curiosity, use a call to action — there are many techniques for creating a good subject line for your mass email marketing campaign, but above all be brief, and be relevant. Remember that the subject line is one of the most important parts of a permission-based email marketing campaign.

  6. Be persistent.
    Don’t expect your sales to triple right after your first round of bulk email marketing. Based on our experience, the effectiveness of this tool increases over time. This is because you start gaining trust over time and your potential clients constantly receiving a fixed message start to recognize and understand your product positioning strategy, branding, and core competence in the product or service you offer.

  7. Always measure results and adjust
    See how many people opened your campaign, what percentage clicked on the hyperlink and who ended up contacting you or purchasing your product/service. Constant adjustments, as in all marketing activities, are key if you want to drive an effective mass email marketing campaign.

Consult with Direct Objective today, to learn more about designing a creative and effective mass email marketing campaign for your product or service that can drive high-quality leads and real results!

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