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6 Stages of How to Increase Page Rank through Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing


“Ranking our Web site high on search engines results, designing a professional Web site look and developing engaging relevant content for a heavy technology company like us resulted in a dramatic increase in client leads that we receive from our Web site.”

Simon Robin, CEO, Hardent Electronic Design Services


An increase in page rank and a boost in online prominence for your website is achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Today, Search Engine Optimization services are one of the most sophisticated techniques of internet marketing. Investing in Search Engine Optimization will create web pages in line with the indexing methods of major search engines, and thus will increase a site’s page ranking on organic search results.

Prospects tend not to look beyond the first two pages of search results, meaning that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services should aim to place your site within the first ten to twenty listings. So how do you reach the top web site ranking?

There are three principles to remember when investing in Search Engine Optimization:

  1. SEO is now the primary online “pull” technique of inward marketing, making it one of the most effective ways to get your website qualified leads. Not only does an increased page rank drive more traffic to your site, but prospective clients often perceive high search engine results as more objective and reliable than pure advertisement. This means that instead of chasing after clients, you increase your page rank and by that leading your prospects to find you - all on their own.
  2. SEO is a complicated process: Search engine algorithms are unique and complex . If it were as easy as plugging keywords, many Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing services in Canada would be out of business. Targeting SEO to different search engines is important, since Google, Yahoo (Bing), and other search engines use different algorithms — meaning mathematical formulas—to come up with their search results. SEO services that target Google, for example, will take into account that Google uses spiders to crawl through the content of a web page, and tracks both the written content and HTML coding for keywords. Yahoo!(Bing), on the other hand, ranks pages with human judges and directories. Because Yahoo! weighs variables differently than Google, a search for identical keywords will yield different top internet web site ranking results.
  3. SEO is always a work in progress: since search engines are constantly revising their algorithms, your site will need to work just as hard to stay ahead of the curve to increase high page rank. The variables that influence the page ranking are always being changed and updated, so SEO services must take into account the changing ways search engines generate the top web site ranking. Search engine algorithms use very complex and not public knowledge, and are constantly revised to ensure sites do not abuse them. This means that Search Engine Optimization is fast-paced, ever-changing, and requires constant monitoring. Due to the changing nature of the search engines, it is difficult to keep up with search engine optimization and continually increase their page rank. Thus, many companies will pay for external Internet marketing SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization is performed individually per page and per keyword. See our suggestions for the stages of Search Engine Optimization services:

The Stages of Search Engine Optimization Services:

  1. Research Keywords for Most Effective SEO
    Choice of keywords is a crucial phase in Search Engine Optimization services. Keyword selection should never be based solely on intuition. Systematic research ensures that Search Engine Optimization services are not wasted on keywords that are either not searched or too competitive in the internet marketing arena. By using online tools to verify the approximate searches for a keyword, the most optimal keywords can be selected to achieve effective internet marketing and top internet web site ranking.
  2. Assess Current Internet Marketing
    To start off with Search Engine Optimization services and internet marketing, the company site needs to be assessed. This involves:

    • Checking how the current pages rank on particular keywords
    • Making sure that search engines can read the content for top web site ranking (the text on flash sites, for example, is usually not readable to most search engines)
    • Rating the navigation and ensuring there is a site map for better Web site marketing
    • Judging the quality of the text, HTML code and internet marketing content
    • Establishing whether the site has had any Search Engine Optimization work performed already, and what techniques yet need to be implemented
    • Reviewing the quality of external and internal links for top internet web site ranking
  3. Create Readable Copy Using Best Keywords for Search Engine Optimization
    With high competition in search engine optimization and internet marketing, this goes beyond just plugging basic keywords into web content. Visitors to a web site need to appreciate both the style and substance of written content in order for it to be effective in search engine marketing. Since keywords are tracked per web page, and not per site, this means that every single page should have persuasive, keyword-dense internet marketing content.
  4. Plug Internet Marketing Keywords into HTML Tags
    Internet marketing with Search Engine Optimization does not stop with site content. Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization services mean plugging keywords into locations that are mostly invisible to the user. Some examples are the site description, meta-keywords, and alternative image text. Even though visitors will not see text hidden in some of the HTML tags, search engines pick up on the keywords, and they can have a big impact on top internet web site ranking. HTML tags make all the difference in effective internet marketing SEO services.
  5. Develop Incoming/Outgoing Links for Better Internet marketing
    As previously mentioned, Search Engine Optimization is not just about the content of a web site. Top internet web site ranking is also affected by other web sites. Quality internet marketing has to consider that search engines rank the importance of a web page according to its recognition on other reputable sites. Search engines also take into account outgoing links. Having an incoming link from a highly ranked site increases a page’s own likelihood of reaching top internet web site ranking. However, getting high-quality incoming links can be one of the most challenging steps of all internet marketing services. Not all links count, and Search Engine Optimization services must make sure that search engines will detect significant links. Incoming and outgoing links should both be relevant to the site content to be effective in Internet marketing.
  6. Capitalize on Social Networking to Enhance Internet marketing Power
    An interesting method of building on Search Engine Optimization services is to use fully utilize social media marketing. Many social networks want to make sure that the most compelling and relevant content gets ranked highest, much like the top internet web site ranking on search engines. Sites like Digg can be a valuable internet marketing resource, with community votes to move your news article to the front page. LinkedIn and Facebook can also be useful tools to expand your social network and promote your company with SEO. If your network is small to begin with, don’t give up! Building up your network is a slow process, but well worth the effort when you see the positive impact on your internet marketing. The long-term effects of social networking on your Search Engine Optimization can be very hard for your competitors to overtake.

Carefully following these six steps will get you started on increasing page rank and achieving top site ranking, but remember Search Engine ranking is always changing. Because internet marketing is ever-evolving, it makes sense to have Internet marketing services take care of your Web site’s search engine ranking. With quality Search Engine Optimization services, your Web site can increase page rank.

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