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“Ranking our Web site high on search engines results, designing a professional Web site look and developing engaging relevant content for a heavy technology company like us resulted in a dramatic increase in client leads that we receive from our Web site.”

Simon Robin, CEO, Hardent Electronic Design Services


Online content writing is usually seen as work that can be done in-house. With employees knowledgeable in their products or services, companies see professional web copywriting services as an unnecessary investment.

It may be true in some cases that companies can produce their own business marketing copy. Marketing employees with extensive experience in marketing copywriting, as well as employees that are proficient and up-to-date with the best practices of online copy content copywriting, may seem like a good choice instead of professional web copywriting services.

But while business marketing copy may sometimes be written in-house, in-house online content writing often lacks many important elements of promotional web site copy content. Some of the common problems with in-house online content writing over professional web copywriting services are:

These are just some of the common problems in web site copy content which can easily be dispelled by hiring professional web copywriting services.

What is Good Online Content Writing?

Good online content writing should familiarize readers with a product, service, or idea. This means that accurate, original, in-depth web site copy content is key. Informative web site copy content shows a company’s competence and builds the reader’s trust in the company by giving valuable information, not just filler. Ultimately, online content writing has to be credible and informative to work as a promotional web site tool.

Quality professional web copywriting services know how to create informative content that is consistent and promotional. At the end of the day, the trick to creating good business marketing copy is to take an objective and unbiased tone. Readers will appreciate the free information of your online content writing, and the absence of “sales-y” business marketing copy will be a breath of fresh air.

What are the Elements of Good Business Marketing Copy?

Good business marketing copy has:

  1. Online content writing that piques the reader’s curiosity. Good professional web copywriting services will create content that builds interest. Information and research are critical, but a little mystery will keep visitors reading web site copy content through to the end.
  2. Web site copy content with highly-sought keywords for search engine optimization. Choosing keywords for Web site copy content is critical. You have to both find the keywords that your target market is looking for and balance with the competition on those keywords. This is the key to increasing web traffic from search engines.
  3. Seamlessly integrated keywords in the business marketing copy. Keywords can be difficult to integrate in web site copy content, especially for inexperienced writers. Very noticeable keywords that don’t seem to fit in the online content writing can be off-putting to readers.
  4. Links to further web site copy content. If visitors want to know more, online writing content should feature internal and external links so they can read more on the topic. Linking to inter-related subjects will enhance the understanding of readers and increase their appreciation of your professionalism.
  5. An appropriate business marketing copy length. If the web site copy content is too long, visitors may get lost. If it is too short, the online content writing will come off as superficial or overly simplistic.
  6. Good style and flow throughout the web site copy content. Professional web copywriting services put high emphasis on content flow, structure, and grammar.

Guidelines for Web Site Copywriting

If you are creating your own web site copy content rather than using professional web copywriting services, you might want to consider the following guidelines:

  1. Research the topic in depth to ensure your business marketing copy is up-to-date and original. Check all other blogs, news sources, networks, and web sites to see what is new with your topic and how your online content writing can contribute to the discussion.
  2. Set an appropriate topic and angle for your web site copy content. For example, write about technical topics with an eye to a technical audience and use the proper technical vocabulary throughout your online content writing. Remember that less technical readers must have web site copy content with a completely different vocabulary.
  3. Remember your target audience as you write your business marketing copy. Your online content writing has a goal, and that is to engage readers. In order to create convincing web site copywriting, you must know what people are interested in and deliver it. Business marketing copy is about promotion, and so a solid grasp of soft marketing is fundamental.
  4. Keep the marketing angle of your online content balanced with the tone. You want to promote your product or service, but you don’t want your web site copy content to sound transparent, insincere, or condescending.
  5. Carefully and consistently revise your web site copy content. Nothing looks more unprofessional than careless typos or business marketing copy that hasn’t been updated in years.
  6. Use simple language as much as possible. Professional web copywriting services provide a high caliber of writing, but they never alienate readers with unnecessarily academic or inaccessible writing.
  7. Organize your web site copy content and break down the information into logical bite-size chunks. Provide guidance to the Web site structure so visitors can easily find the online content writing they are looking for within your site.
  8. Be creative. Professional web copywriting services are all about original, tailored content made specifically for your company. Make your business marketing copy your own, and set it apart from everything else out there.

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