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Cynthia Fink, Founder,


An online presentation Webinar is a Web seminar held over the internet. It comes in many forms. A presentation online can be broadcast live or pre-recorded, it can be held one-on-one, or take the form of a communal Web presentation seminar. Such communal online presentation seminars often take the place of live traditional conferences. Over the years, companies have increasingly begun to use the Webinar as part of their marketing lead generation strategy.

A Webinar differs from traditional seminars in many respects. Aside from the use of technology, a presentation online eliminates many of the interpersonal aspects of in-person conferences. There is no eye contact, and audience members can easily stop watching an online Webinar. In contrast, it’s much less likely people will walk out of a traditional seminar. Still, a Webinar can address a much larger audience than most seminars, and have many advantages as a marketing tool.

Why Use a Webinar?

Online Webinars have many benefits over traditional seminars. What are some of these benefits?

  1. A presentation online has international reach.
    Webinars can reach audiences anywhere in the world, whereas traditional seminars are much more geographically limited.
  2. An easy mass market education about a product or service.
    A Webinar is a simple means of market education, and can teach many prospects about the need for a product or service. Market education is a critical part of any unified marketing plan.
  3. A Webinar is less expensive than live conferences or seminars
    Event costs can be quite pricey, but a presentation online is comparatively inexpensive to hold and doesn’t require a physical venue.
  4. A Webinar offers more opportunity for interactivity.
    Web seminars are easy to coordinate and make interaction between parties simple.

Webinar Best Practices and Marketing Lead Generation

A Webinar is more than just a replacement for live traditional seminars. They also fit into marketing lead generation programs. When prospects are invited to participate in free online Webinars, they generally must supply their contact information. The result is a pool of contact leads with a guaranteed interest in what a company offers. In this way, a presentation online fills two needs at once: it educates the market, and it compiles leads that can be used in future marketing lead generation programs, such as email campaigns.

Why Do You Need an Expert Webinar Marketer to Help with Your Webinar Best Practices?

Webinars take a lot of planning and organization to be effective marketing tools. There are few reasons you should consider hiring a professional to implement Webinar best practices for your online presentation:

  1. A Webinar marketer will ensure that the design and message of your online presentation fits in with the overall marketing strategy of your company.
  2. A Web seminar marketer will effectively manage the presentation tempo through Webinar best practices
  3. A Webinar marketer will collect prospect information for future marketing campaigns and maximize the number of leads generated from an online presentation.
  4. A Webinar marketer will ensure that the online presentation design is professional and that the Webinar is properly launched for optimal search engine ranking results.

Talk with Direct Objective to develop your presentation online based on Webinar best practices, and create the most qualified leads and best market education!

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