Increase Awareness with Smart Reputation Management

In order to create demand, one of the crucial steps is the inception of awareness for your solution and the fostering of your reputation by means of a rigorous reputation management process. Your target audience will only show interest in purchasing your solution if they know it and trust it. Therefore, it is crucial for you to be able to increase awareness for your solution by using your reputation.

A few of the fundamental success factors that Direct Objective implements to build market awareness and confidence are:

Performing market need assessment

Using a stakeholder analysis, you can learn more about who you are selling to (your target audience) and what their needs are. By achieving this understanding, you will be able to customize your reputation to create maximum awareness among your most profitable target audience. You will also be able to tailor your solution to address your clients’ needs, which will make it easier for you to create awareness toward your solution.

Sharpening your positioning message

Reputation is built on a consistent message. Your company’s positioning communication is its image across various channels. In an age of multiple marketing channels, it is important to control and monitor your marketing message and to constantly align it based on your positioning strategy. Prospects will be more likely to remember your offer if your company is clearly differentiated from the competition in a way that is attractive to them. Having a unique positioning communication and spreading that message consistently across various channels will help you build market awareness immensely.

Choosing relevant marketing tactics

There are several marketing tactics you can use to successfully approach your potential client base and build your desired reputation among them. These tactics can help you build two different parts of your reputation: online reputation and traditional reputation.

Planning a prolonged high-frequency exposure

Based on Nielsen, reputation is not built overnight. Indeed, 5 to 9 times is the optimal amount for a prospective client to see your ads, develop their awareness of your solution and become a paying customer. Therefore, you should plan to invest a consistent and prolonged effort to educate and inform your potential clients about what’s special about your offer and why they should consider choosing you over the competition. For example, retargeting is an online advertising technique that re-exposes individuals that were initially exposed to a certain ad. The exposure is done multiple times and on different websites, but over a relatively short period of time since they were initially exposed to that ad. Thus, the same ad or a similar ad will follow the target audience and reinforce the message, cementing their awareness of the brand.

For example, your online reputation can be strengthened using Search Engine Optimization. Applying SEO tactics will help you gain high search rankings for specific keywords in your industry. If your website always pops up on the top of the searches, most web surfers that have an interest in these specific keywords will be exposed to your brand and will be able to visit your website and find out more about your solution. This, of course, will lead to increased online awareness for your solution.

When it comes to your traditional reputation, the best tactic to optimize it is to obtain media coverage. In other words, placing articles in prominent industry publications will yield recognition and authority for your business.

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"Placing us in trade magazines enabled Callio to receive international exposure and most of all develop a trustworthy brand."

René St-Germain, Former CEO, Callio Technologies (Now at Certi-Trust)