Outbound Marketing:
Bilingual Telemarketing, Direct Mailer and Ads

Outbound marketing is a traditional notion for marketing and sales. Some of the tactics used with the outbound approach are telemarketing, email campaigns, direct mail, trade shows, and ads. It is called “outbound” because marketers send their messages out to potential clients, encouraging them to become clients in a direct and blunt fashion. This strategy was proven to be less effective as a standalone tactic, especially when compared to inbound marketing. This is because inbound marketing seeks to attract people who already have a certain level of interest in your solution, and it may be offered as part of their natural search for more information in that area. However, the outbound approach still has value and can be extremely powerful if combined with other inbound marketing tactics.

Why Has Outbound Marketing Lost Its Appeal?

Internet makes knowledge accessible

Previously, campaign outreach was perceived as an educational session on information that was difficult to find. Today, however, knowledge acquisition is easily accomplished through the Internet, therefore empowering prospective clients to be more selective with whom they communicate.

An influx of sales communication

People are constantly flooded with sales inquiries and, as a result, prefer to choose what offers or communication they want to receive. At times, they block out unsolicited marketing/sales messages with techniques such as caller ID and spam filtering.

This makes it significantly more difficult for your outgoing message to reach potential clients. While Direct Objective acknowledges the strength of these reasons, outbound marketing is like all other tools: there are times when its use is not only appropriate, but also very effective.

What Outbound Tactics Are Available?

Outbound tactics include: 


Having sales agents call potential clients to educate them on a certain solution.

Email campaigns

Sending out email messages to make potential clients aware of a certain solution.

Direct mail

Sending out physical mail to increase awareness for a product or a service. 

Trade shows

Exhibiting at a trade show to reach a specific target audience and meet new potential clients while demonstrating industry authority.


Advertising in journals or newspapers to spread awareness of your solution.

Overall, Direct Objective believes that in certain cases, the outbound approach can still play an important role in gaining or converting potential clients.

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