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Six stages of how to increase page rank through search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing.

An increase in page rank and a boost in online prominence for your website is achieved through SEO. Today, SEO optimization services are some of the most sophisticated techniques of internet marketing. Investing time in creating web pages in line with the indexing methods of major search engines will boost a site’s page ranking with organic search results.

Prospective clients tend not to look beyond the first two pages of search results, meaning that SEO Optimization services should aim to place your site within the first ten to twenty listings.

What are the Stages of SEO Services?

Research keywords for the most effective SEO

The choice of keywords is a crucial phase in optimizing a website. Keyword selection should never be based on intuition. Systematic research ensures that optimization efforts are not wasted on keywords that are too competitive or not even searched. By using online tools to verify the approximate monthly searches for a keyword, the most optimal keywords can be selected to achieve top internet website ranking.

Assess current website status

To begin website optimization services, the company site needs to be assessed. This involves:

    • Checking how the current pages rank on particular keywords
    • Making sure that search engines can read the content for top website ranking. For example, the text on flash sites is usually not readable to most search engines
    • Reviewing the website navigation, usability, and performance, ensuring there is a site map for better website structure and visitor engagement
    • Evaluating the readability and quality of the content and the HTML code
    • Determining the quality and relevance of external and internal links

Create readable and engaging content

With high competition, creating content goes beyond just plugging basic keywords into a web page. Visitors to a website need to appreciate both the style and substance of written content for effective search engine marketing. Since keywords/topics are tracked per web page, and not per site, this means that every single page should have persuasive, keyword-infused content.

Plug topics/ keywords into HTML tags

Internet marketing optimization does not stop with site content. Comprehensive SEO services mean placing keywords into locations that are mostly invisible to the visitor, but orient the search engine crawlers with the content. Some examples are the site description, meta-keywords, schema markup and alternative image text. HTML tag adjustments can have a big impact on top internet website ranking.

Develop in/outgoing links for better SEO ranking

As previously mentioned, Search Engine Optimization is more than just the content of a website. Top internet website ranking is affected by other websites and search engines that rank the importance of a web page according to its recognition on, or relationship with, other reputable sites. Incoming and outgoing links should both be relevant to the site content to be effective. For example, having an incoming link from a highly ranked site increases a page’s own likelihood of reaching top internet website ranking. This can be one of the most challenging steps, however, as not all links count, and SEO services must make sure that search engines will detect and prioritize significant links.

Capitalize on social channels to enhance optimization

An interesting method of building your web ranking is relying on social media marketing. Many social networks want to make sure that the most compelling and relevant content gets ranked high on search engines. Sites like Reddit and Digg can be a valuable internet marketing resource when harnessing community votes to move your news article to the front page. LinkedIn and Facebook can also be useful tools to expand your social network and promote your company. The long-term effects of social placement on website optimization can be very hard for your competitors to overtake.

These six steps will get you started on increasing page rank and ultimately achieving top site ranking, but be mindful, Search Engine ranking is always changing.

How Often do I Need to do SEO?

SEO is always a work in progress. Since search engines are constantly revising their algorithms, your team will need to work just as hard to stay ahead of the curve to increase high page rank. Search engine algorithms are not public knowledge and, due to the changing nature of the search engines, it is difficult to keep up with the most effective SEO optimization tactics. As a result, many companies will hire monthly external SEO services.

What do we Need to Start the Optimization Process?

Website Optimization is performed individually per page and per keyword. To begin, we ask that you provide us with the following information:

    • Your website URL
    • A list of 10 keywords/topics that you would like your site to be ranked for

Because internet marketing is ever-evolving, it makes sense to outsource these services. With quality SEO optimization services, your website can increase search engine/page rank.

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