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Reaching Client Prospecting Conversion

Are Telemarketing Services Really Effective? 

You have experienced unsolicited telemarketing calls or “cold calling.”  Independently, telemarketing services aren’t effective! However, they have proven highly beneficial when integrated with other marketing campaigns.


Why Should I Use Telemarketing Services?

    • Book appointments or promote an event
    • Qualify leads: get immediate and straight answers
    • Speak with real people to understand the current status of prospective clients and what would help convert them to paying clients
    • Take some load off the sales team with telesales agents who can start the dialogue or even convert some ready clients

What Should I Expect From the Process?

Our telemarketing services offer the following deliverables:

    • Define how to approach phone recipients
    • Develop an interactive script to support agents
    • Train the team of agents allocated to the campaign
    • Set up the database and automate the telesales system
    • Run a prototype campaign to validate your strategy, script, and agent preparedness
    • Execute telephone campaigns to deliver results
    • Optimize and control the quality of calls and make improvements
    • Generate a monthly telemarketing activities report

Why Order Our Telemarketing Services?

    • Our team cares about your campaigns and gets personally involved in them
    • It is important for us to deliver. Your success is our success
    • We are transparent with our clients, conveying honest feedback for each campaign
    • You can start small and scale-up. Our team is designed to grow with you
    • We act as an extension of your organization and update you in real-time about the campaign as needed

Overall, telesales programs can still be an effective way to achieve customer prospecting, and Direct Objective has extensive experience planning and executing telephone-based campaigns.

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Do you have questions about telemarketing services? Do you want to launch a campaign for client prospecting? Contact Direct Objective today! We will be happy to assist you!


“Working with Gil was an absolute pleasure: communications are clear & concise, delivery always on time and quality of the work was outstanding. I won’t hesitate using Gil’s services in the future.”

Jean Lou-Dupont, Former President, Data-Tester Inc.