Direct Objective: Why Work With Us?

Direct Objective is a Montreal-based B2B marketing company with a results-oriented philosophy and vast business experience.

What Is Our Secret Recipe?

1. Winning attitude

Direct Objective’s multilingual team works toward your success. No challenge is too daunting, no obstacle is insurmountable. The sky’s the limit. If you want to grow your business, Direct Objective will do whatever it takes to make it happen. To learn about the success of some of our clients, read our customer case studies.

2. Using sophisticated tools

We are always searching for the most advanced marketing tools. We apply leading-edge technologies to research, market, track, and constantly gather marketing analytics. It is critical to use modern automation tools to allow a comprehensive understanding of the prospective client journey. This information permits us to gain awareness of the level of lead interest, and ultimately, the effectiveness of our campaigns.

3. Focused on client acquisition

We have a comprehensive and open-minded approach to acquiring new customers for you; whether it is strategy modification, branding adjustment, or a campaign modification, we can address all of the facets that comprise the full marketing cycle and respond quickly to boost client acquisition.

4. Internationally experienced

It’s a small world, after all: today’s global marketplace requires sensitivity to cultural differences.  Cultural elements affect buyer-purchasing behavior in different ways. We have experience working across the globe to successfully market diverse products, services, and memberships. Our experience spans across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

5. Highly customized approach

In a very competitive economy, an out-of-the-box, tailored approach is often the best way to go. Whether in technology marketing or membership acquisition, pragmatic creativity is at the core of Direct Objective’s success. We build the strategy, the go-to-market plan, and the campaign execution to address your client acquisition requirements.

6. Passion for technology marketing

We understand technology and how to effectively market it. With our background in engineering, we know how to bridge the gap between R&D and sales teams. Direct Objective is able to strategically convert complex technical concepts into market-driven products and services. We apply sophisticated concepts to produce pragmatic marketing solutions and easy-to-understand technology marketing.

7. One-stop shop

We offer A to Z B2B marketing. Whether you desire account-based marketing (ABM), inbound marketing or outbound marketing, we can make it happen. We offer you the full scope of marketing tactics from digital, through to marketing automation, while still considering traditional marketing techniques. Thus, our integrated marketing approach can offer you special marketing combinations that typical digital agencies have less expertise in. Our experience gives us the knowledge to integrate multiple channels and tactics effectively for your exponential growth, with an emphasis on client acquisition.

8. Transferability of skills

We have successfully applied skills and strengths from one industry to another, leveraging our past success and giving a fresh perspective. We can dive into complex industries and work with you to steer you on the right path.

9. Motivational skills

We have a number of methods for encouraging functional groups to work well together to achieve common goals, and can serve as a liaison between management, R&D, and sales teams.

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“Gil is an excellent consultant and collaborator with which we work regularly. He is results-oriented. His analyses and his advice led us to a very good positioning in the market. Gil is an adviser who distinguishes itself for his sense of the business and his vast professional network. He has high standard of integrity and his loyalty towards his clients is remarkable. He is really a precious and an important asset in the capital human of your enterprise.“

Claire Hérard Jr., CEO, CKuria Vision