Our Marketing Process​

In order to achieve growth in your business, we believe the B2B marketing process must be circular, multi-layered and integrated.

Here are the Direct Objective marketing process phases, which will convert your question marks into dollar signs:

1. Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Step one is answering the big questions. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? Are you looking to develop a luxurious niche market, or conquer a few vertical markets? Which geographic regions are you pursuing? Western Canada? New England? US coast-to-coast? Western Europe? Asia? Latin America? Or the Middle East? What is your competition like there? Do you need to customize your product or service? What is the best marketing positioning message to enter the market? 

Once you have determined a successful marketing strategy direction, it is much easier to map out a marketing action plan. Direct Objective’s experts can help you discover the answers you need to form a positioning strategy.

2. Demand generation

How do you spark enthusiasm about your solutions in people? Will you achieve this by syndicating new content, blog promotion, or sending email marketing campaigns? These are all valid options that illustrate how demand generation can be created. The goal of generating demand is to establish trust with fresh prospects and, consequently, raise awareness about your business. Doing so will create a growing interest in your solutions, help you reach new markets and eventually turn these prospects into clients for your organization. Building a stable foundation with prospective clients sets you up for success in the long run.

3. Lead generation

Once you have successfully generated demand and established your presence, you have to act on it. If you don’t manage to identify who expressed interest in your solutions and successfully convert them into real contacts, then your marketing strategy is futile. Generating leads is done by following four essential steps: lead content alignment, lead capture, lead qualification, and lead nurturing. These steps will allow your business to gather your prospects’ contact details so that your sales teams may proceed.

4. Customer retention

After acquiring a client, many organizations sometimes overlook the retention process. However, managing your client base and making sure that they stay engaged with your company is the lifeblood of customer retention. After all, they are already familiar with your company and know why they chose your solution.

5. Go international

Expanding on a global scale can be a daunting task for any company and should be avoided without a proper global marketing process in place. Direct Objective has assisted companies in entering more than 60 different markets. Go global!

The ongoing analysis of results and the process of finding ways to improve your marketing process is a continuous cycle.

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Marketing Process: Market research, go-to-market plan, corporate branding identity, execution of SEO, white paper writing, social media, business blog and webinars.


"I have worked with Gil for a few years, observing both his professional accomplishments and human interactions. Gil is a pleasant person to work with while at the same time getting the work done and accomplishing successful results. I don't hesitate recommending Gil."

Avi Nahir, Owner, B.M.N Technology