Inbound Marketing Tactics

Gil Gruber, MBA

Gil Gruber, MBA

With over 20 years of diverse marketing and sales experience, Gil’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to serial success in various business ventures, recognized on the “Maverick of the Morning” CNN show and awarded with the “Best of the Web” from Forbes. Gil is a frequent speaker at conferences, associations, and international events about emerging trends in B2B marketing and business expansion. His book “Turn On Marketing” is available on Amazon.
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Use inbound marketing strategies to gain more prospective clients in your sales pipeline. Pull them in with sophisticated marketing tactics.

What Is an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

Inbound marketing is a strategic concept to create client demand. Instead of abruptly approaching prospects with your offering, trying to “push” them toward buying your solution, you work to “seduce” your target market into contacting you. An inbound integrated marketing campaign uses a “pull” rather than a “push” strategy to attract and engage prospects and establish trust. Creating a unified experience with inbound marketing tactics will give your potential customers a satisfying buying journey.

Selecting the Right Inbound Integrated Marketing Campaign for Your Product/Service


Inbound integrated marketing recognizes that your prospective clients are increasingly busy and suspicious toward unexpected intrusions into their time schedule. With the advent of content marketing, you can provide prospects with the information they need to make their own decisions “independently”. This has the added benefit of shortening your sales cycle as they already know what you can offer them.

Putting Inbound Marketing in Practice

Let’s take a look at a few examples that would better demonstrate the process of inbound marketing. Say you hire Direct Objective for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work on your website with the aim of ranking your site on the top search result pages for keywords that you believe your potential clients would type into a search engine. Successfully executing this marketing technique means your target audience would find you every time they searched those keywords. They would learn about your offerings from your website and, if it matched their needs and their philosophy, they would contact you.

inbound marketing

To further this, say you have published a white paper, or commissioned Direct Objective to do so based on your guidelines. We then syndicate the white paper to an audience we suspect is facing similar challenges to those described in the document. Readers of this content would find the material not only convincing, but relevant to their needs, and intuitively set out to contact the writer of the white paper. This is your opportunity to enhance their knowledge and assess whether they will be interested in purchasing your solution.

Inbound marketing tactics can take other forms, such as social media marketing and corporate blogs. The goal of these diverse tools is to attract, engage and satisfy prospects that will naturally want to use your solution.

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These are just a few of the many marketing tactics and techniques that enable you to draw attention to your business. Contact Direct Objective today to discuss how we can assist you in attracting potential customers with effective inbound marketing.

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