Direct Objective’s B2B Marketing Consulting Services

B2B Marketing Consulting Services

Our B2B marketing consulting agency is geared toward continuous growth. We offer a range of services from marketing and sales strategy, to demand generation, lead generation, retention, and business expansion to local or global markets. Let’s see how we can help you with those.


Marketing Consulting:
What We Can Do for You

Direct Objective provides the full spectrum of tailored services to assist B2B organizations. Wondering how all these services can translate into your business growth? We made it simple for you:

Creating brand awareness, stimulating demand for a specific product or service, and increasing traffic to your Web properties should be among the top priorities of any B2B company in today’s competitive market.

Demand generation is a strategic approach to amplify your brand presence and drive increased trust and authority. These results can then be converted to tangible business growth for your organization.

Direct Objective employs various demand generation tactics to ensure your solution will be top-of-mind in your target market while educating your future clients about the benefits of your solution.


Want to create demand for your solution?

We identify and engage decision-makers in your target industry, fostering meaningful connections and converting them into valuable clients for you. Our extensive experience with marketing campaigns enables us to design and execute client acquisition strategies that utilize different lead-generation techniques and tactics.

Adopting an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy focuses our efforts on potential clients who demonstrated recent buying intent toward your solution. In parallel, we offer inbound marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, press releases, and outbound techniques such as telemarketing outreach, digital advertising, direct mailing, and email campaigns to provide you with constant new prospective clients.

Gain New Prospective Clients

Ready to earn new prospective clients?

Not all new prospective customers are ready to purchase your solution now. Some need more research, some would like to learn how your solution has benefitted other clients, and sometimes, the budget has not yet been approved. Engaging potential customers and nurturing them are integral parts of our approach.

High engagement with potential clients is formed through email nurturing campaigns, regular social media activity, a solid online presence, and other techniques. We create personalized interactions that resonate with your audience, keep your brand top-of-mind, and ensure an effective lead nurturing process. We aim to guide prospective clients through the customer journey without friction and ultimately foster conversions.

Is your business suffering from a low engagement rate?

Customer retention is the lifeblood of sustainable business growth. Retaining existing clients is significantly more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. In that regard, we recommend investing in conducting periodic customer satisfaction interviews, client experience analysis, loyalty programs, and enhanced customer overall experience.

Our approach to retention goes beyond transactions; it’s about creating a positive and memorable journey that keeps clients engaged and committed in the long run, paving the way for other effective strategies like upselling and cross-selling that will lead to increased profitability and even more heightened client loyalty.


Are you experiencing a high churn rate in your client base?

Expanding your business locally or internationally is a pivotal step towards new growth opportunities. With a proven track record in more than 60 different countries across five continents, Direct Objective will guide you to seamless expansion by identifying market opportunities, leveraging knowledge to understand prospective client behaviour, and building sustainable growth.

We will make sure that your business can first acquire clients from your headquarters before considering the idea of opening offices in regions of interest.


Are you ready to expand to new markets?

Direct Objective: B2B Marketing Consulting

If you are ready to discuss your growth needs and challenges, let’s sit down and discuss how our marketing consulting services can help your organization.


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