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Direct Objective Consulting is a Canadian B2B digital marketing firm assisting small and medium companies in expanding and growing their business. Our team specializes in demand creation, client prospecting, and commercialization of technology manufacturers, associations, and service-based organizations.

Unlike other digital marketing firms, Direct Objective relies on 5 important foundations:

We like to back up any work that we do with data. We do not shoot in the dark. We research and rely on valuable findings and then suggest a game plan. The plan leans on sophisticated marketing technology, AI marketing, and other automation tools that provide us insights into how prospective clients react to our marketing campaigns and who is ready to advance toward becoming a paying customer.

Our team has engineering and R&D (Research & Development) backgrounds. We know the terminology and have vast experience dealing with complex technological solutions. This allows our marketing agency to quickly understand your solution and the target market, enabling us to transform it into a commercial success faster. We bridge the gap between R&D team innovation and marketing to your target audience.

Our marketing agency has done business in more than 60 countries. We guide our clients in their business expansion journey toward continuous growth in North American and international markets. Our team is multilingual, and each member brings us valuable experience, know-how, and a high understanding of cultural differences in doing business worldwide.

Our goal is simple: to deliver qualified potential clients. The marketing tactics are secondary. We will use any marketing technique to succeed. Through digital marketing, traditional media, and advanced automation tools, Direct Objective, a full-service agency,  gains insights into your customer acquisition processes and focuses on the path that yields the best ROI.

With over 20 years in business, our B2B marketing firm relies on what has worked for our clients while constantly trying to reinvent how we work. Before founding the agency, Gil Gruber had a series of proven business successes. He was named “Maverick of the Morning” by CNN for his business acumen and has received multiple awards, including “Forbes Best of Web.” He is viewed as an industry expert by The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. In addition to this, he is frequently invited to present at local and international events like AQT’s The Big Bang and McGill Executive Institute.


We concentrate on three distinct industries:

Beyond marketing, our leading consultants have strong engineering foundations that enable us to quickly grasp innovative concepts and “translate” technological specifications into simple benefits. This understanding allows us to use sophisticated tools and succeed in campaigns necessary for your sales team.

Marketing service companies is not the same as marketing product-based companies. Selling an intangible service is highly related to the reputation of the organization, which is why the perception and the marketing of the service play a major role in the success of service-oriented businesses. Let us boost your membership recruitment, seminar registrations or event enrollments. Being a service company, Direct Objective Consulting has extensive knowledge of how to acquire new clients and successfully retain them.

From the playground to home construction industries, we assist our clients’ manufacturing growth by helping them penetrate new markets, build better distribution networks, and ensure effective and modern marketing methods to attract new clients. Our experience in technology allows us to identify opportunities to automate marketing processes and obtain measurable results in a timely manner.


From A to Z, Direct Objective guides clients from marketing strategy, branding, B2B lead generation campaigns, lead nurturing, and marketing automation, to measuring marketing ROI. Whatever your needs are, Direct Objective Consulting is ready to work with you.

Above all, we strive to build strong and prosperous long-term relationships with every client and provide them with continued support in growing from small-medium enterprises to large, successful companies with high brand awareness in their industry.

As an experienced B2B marketing firm, Direct Objective is ready to take on your next assignment.

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