Tips for Lead Generation in a Down Economy

Gil Gruber, MBA

Gil Gruber, MBA

With over 20 years of diverse marketing and sales experience, Gil’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to serial success in various business ventures, recognized on the “Maverick of the Morning” CNN show and awarded with the “Best of the Web” from Forbes. Gil is a frequent speaker at conferences, associations, and international events about emerging trends in B2B marketing and business expansion. His book “Turn On Marketing” is available on Amazon.
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Tips lead generation

All businesses look to save money while still growing their client base, especially in a down economy. Here are a few tips for marketing lead generation which highlight how to achieve this goal:

Marketing Lead Generation Strategy

    • Isolate a target market that is less affected by the economic downturn and single out a segment that will benefit from your solution.
    • Make sure your product/service is attractive when compared to the competition.
    • Target the competition’s customers. Make sure they know you are still going strong and want their business.

Marketing Materials and Online Lead Generation

    • Have a website that drives strong, focused leads with a view to converting these leads into clients. Web sites are great for online lead generation and for fostering communication with customers.
    • Have marketing materials that are up-to-date and accurately represent your core competencies. Ensure that these materials are consistent with your product/service positioning.
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Advertising to Get Clients

    • When the budget comes down to branding vs. marketing lead generation, focus on driving leads. For the most economical – and effective- marketing approach, online lead generation is the way to go. 
    • Commit to long-running advertising campaigns to get clients, thus allowing you to lock-in to pricing at a very low rate possible.Also look for value-added opportunities for editorial features and promotions to enhance your standing as a preferred advertiser.
    • Use small advertisements, but run them more frequently.
    • Check with publishers for any left-over advertising space. Get on their list for last-minute cancellations and let them know you’re interested. Be sure to have some standard advertising material which can be used at short notice.

Partnerships and Public Relations

    • Seek out economical public relations exercises to keep your product name visible to prospects. Working with partners is a win-win scenario.
    • Join forces with another business selling complementary products and promote one another to clients.
    • Consider approaching potential partners that were previously unattainable. They may be more flexible during an economic downturn.
    • Don’t limit yourself to your usual suppliers. Instead, shop around for production quotes, thereby increasing your likelihood of obtaining competitive pricing.
    • Maintain marketing communication with clients. Fuel their loyalty by creating flexible and low-cost word-of-mouth opportunities.
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