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A range of B2B marketing services including marketing strategy, corporate branding, and lead generation.


“With their technical background, Direct Objective was able to easily understand complex technology and engineering processes, and translate that to a simple concept that our customers could understand. We feature these concepts on our website now, and we are getting international leads from all over the world.”

Joël Martin, CEO, Transtech Innovations


Inbound Marketing Campaigns

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New technologies and ideas within the B2B marketing industry haven’t just changed the way companies market; they’ve expanded the entire space. Nowadays, a multi-layered approach is the way to create a successful marketing campaign. Above, we’ve put together a diagram of the way Direct Objective perceives the modern marketing cycle, and below you can read about the different B2B marketing services that Direct Objective Marketing Consulting can offer you.

Marketing Strategy: Step one is answering the big questions. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve? Are you looking to develop a niche luxurious market, or do you want to establish few vertical markets? What geographical region are you after? Western Canada? New England? US coast-to-coast? Western Europe? China? Australasia? Latin America? Or the Middle East? What’s your competition like there?

Do you need to customize your product or service? How would you like to present your product and what is the best marketing message to enter the market? These and many other questions should be answered. Once you’ve figured exactly where you want a successful marketing strategy to get you, it’s much easier to map out a Marketing Action Plan. Direct Objective’s B2B marketing services can help you discover the right answers.

Branding Strategy: Branding is the process of finding an identity for your product. A brand should be unique and recognizable, and should evoke the right emotions. The best global brands are built on the right blend of the colors, slogans, and imagery. Most importantly, a brand needs to be consistent across all mediums, including any sales material, web content, brochures, and much more. When creating the face of your company, get a second opinion with our branding services.

Lead Generation/ Demand Creation: With the emergence of new technologies, B2B lead generation and demand creation has evolved from cold calling only into a inbound sophisticated process. Inbound marketing changes the marketing game. Instead of pushing products onto prospects through cold-calling or assertive salespeople, companies now use new tactics and technologies to attract clients. Whether through search engine optimization, social media, email marketing automation, or a host of other techniques, inward marketing has been proven to bring high quality prospect leads; that is, ones who are already interested in your marketing message. Direct Objective helps firms develop B2B lead and demand generation strategies that are proven in demand creation and attraction of large numbers of qualified prospects.

Lead Nurturing: One of the more difficult techniques in marketing is the ability to foster the interest of a potential client. Not all clients will break out their chequebooks right away. Many will take time to convert into sales. The challenge of keeping the prospect's interest over the long-run is time-consuming for salespeople. With the proper marketing strategy, you can develop a practice where you invest resources to address prospects objections, concerns and request for deep understanding. This process is called lead nurturing and Direct Objective Marketing Consulting has proven experience converting question marks into dollar signs.

Conversion: With the right marketing strategy in place, a well-defined brand, a focused B2B lead generation strategy and efficient lead nurturing, the client conversion opportunity is ready for a professional salesperson!

Measuring ROI: Measuring your return on investment is an integral and constant process of executing your B2B marketing strategy. Even after a successful conversion, you must constantly re-evaluate your lead generation techniques and practices, and sometimes, this even requires going back to the marketing strategy drawing board to achieve even better conversions.

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