Campaign Management for Growth Marketing Execution​

Gil Gruber, MBA

Gil Gruber, MBA

With over 20 years of diverse marketing and sales experience, Gil’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to serial success in various business ventures, recognized on the “Maverick of the Morning” CNN show and awarded with the “Best of the Web” from Forbes. Gil is a frequent speaker at conferences, associations, and international events about emerging trends in B2B marketing and business expansion. His book “Turn On Marketing” is available on Amazon.
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Growth marketing is achieved by modern and integrated campaign management.

Marketing is becoming increasingly dynamic and sophisticated. Campaign management strategies should be constantly evolving to suit the integrated marketing world we live in. It must cater to new digital trends if businesses want to stay relevant to their target audiences. The effectiveness of growth marketing tactics relies heavily upon the learning capabilities of organizations while they take on these new, unpredictable responsibilities. Increased business results aren’t solely linked to effective marketing campaigns, but also to automation tools and performance analytics that ensure the effective optimization of your business practices after the campaign has rolled out.

Direct Objective has vast experience with executing, on your behalf, the following digital marketing techniques, which drive growth to a business:

    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures you appear on the first page of a search engine’s results and therefore maximizes visits from possible prospects to your website. 
    • Social media marketing, to use various social media platforms to stimulate interest for your solutions and bolster engagement to your company.
    • Email campaigns, to make sure your content is delivered to potential customers and keeps them up-to-date with each new solution development as it arises.
    • Webinars, to offer a seminar, courses, and content that has value and places you as a leading authority in your field of expertise. 
    • Business blogs, to reach your prospects and deliver worthwhile commentary on the biggest challenges that businesses may face, tips to overcome these, and much more. 

Implementing these methods into your marketing campaign in a meaningful way will allow you to bolster sales and gather large amounts of prospective clients to your solution.

Today, businesses and organizations need to use a wide array of tools, channels, and campaigns to effectively achieve their marketing goals. Here is why a centralized and integrated marketing campaign can offer very interesting advantages:

    • To ensure a consistent message across your channels and campaigns,
    • Ability to use outbound or inbound marketing tactics in tandem,
    • Establish look and feel that will differentiate your presence in your industry, and allow you to create a unified brand experience for prospective clients,
    • Combined measurement of all campaigns across channels.

Direct Objective knows how to implement and coordinate conventional marketing tactics with new trends to achieve success for your organization. Here are some additional marketing techniques which we executed for multiple clients:

    • Telemarketing, to solicit prospective customers through phone and digital appointments, making sure they gain interest and learn about your solutions.  
    • Media coverage, to stimulate interest, generate stories from journalists and media outlets, and create traction for the value of your solutions.
    • Direct mailing, to be a priority in your prospects’ minds and keep them engaged across a variety of channels to create a unified customer experience.
    • Whitepapers, to give exhaustive advice and solutions to challenges that your target audience must face. They present you as a leading authority that cares about educating and solving the problems that plague businesses.
    • Conferences, to allow efficient networking between individuals that share a common interest in your solutions. To invite keynote speakers and coordinate activities that shed an immediate and positive light on your organization.

Marketing integration between various channels, whether they are digital or conventional, will help you to get a better understanding of the mindset of potential clients. By understanding their journey before making a final buying decision, you give yourself the means to alleviate some of the fears and reservations they could have about your solution. By demonstrating this, you help to reduce their initial resistance, drive incredible value to their buyer experience, and make your business thrive.

Campaign management

Direct Objective is Always Ahead of the Game

Direct Objective Consulting is constantly seeking modern and effective ways to implement marketing campaigns with high degrees of automation to drive revenue to your business.  We make sure to build coherent offerings, which are consistent with the best positioning strategy for our clients, and coordinate marketing tactics that we believe would yield favorable results for them. Direct Objective makes sure to collect analytics for every marketing campaign so that we can accurately assess and improve the effectiveness of each and every one of them.

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