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Custom branding and corporate identity design is about forming a strong branding and corporate identity. Corporate branding identity usually involves custom corporate logo design and the creation of a corporate slogan. You can think of a custom branding and corporate identity as the face of a business. Custom corporate logos and slogans allow prospects to quickly recognize and distinguish between companies. Not having custom corporate branding means prospects may not understand what sets a company apart—meaning they would be less likely to remember the company.

Custom business identity design starts with a corporate branding strategy. A corporate branding strategy considers how a company wants to present itself. An effective corporate branding strategy will create a memorable custom corporate logo and slogan design that presents a consistent image of a company. This image, or corporate branding identity, should reflect the company’s strengths and advantages as well as stick in the mind of prospects.

Corporate branding strategy is also called a company’s positioning strategy, which is how a company differentiates itself from other similar products and services. Positioning is the first step to creating a custom corporate identity design, which should almost always be handled by a professional corporate branding and marketing agency. Once positioning is established, you should expect a few deliverables from a corporate branding agency.

Corporate Branding Agency Deliverables

What deliverables can you expect to receive from a corporate branding agency?

Custom Corporate Slogan and Logo Design—Benefits and Guidelines

So why are these deliverables so important for your company? There are actually many benefits to developing a corporate branding strategy with tangible deliverables. These include increased visibility, greater market presence, distinction from competition, and an aesthetic image which can be applied anywhere. There are a few guidelines to developing a good custom corporate identity design:

  1. Relevant Custom Corporate Design Name: The name of the corporate branding identity should at least implicitly evoke the company goal or product functionality. The corporate branding name should be verified in different languages to make sure it is still relevant and compelling in targeted countries.
  2. Legal Procedures for Branding and Corporate Identity: The legal and intellectual property should be secured, and the validity of the custom branding identity name across international markets established.
  3. Clear Custom Branding Identity: As mentioned, the custom corporate logo and slogan design should be in line with the company’s positioning strategy.
  4. Attractive Custom Corporate Logo Design: Ideally the custom corporate logo design should feature company colors and reflect the corporate branding strategy in a creative and attractive manner.
  5. Catchy Custom Corporate Slogan Design: The custom corporate slogan design should emphasize the essence of the company with a snappy and distinctive tagline that sticks in the mind of prospects.

Where Should the Custom Corporate Identity Design be Featured?

Branding and corporate identity should appear in as many places as possible to be most effective. This means just about any opportunity to show off a new business brand is a good opportunity. Custom corporate logo and slogan designs show up on web sites, business cards, brochures and various promotional products, from pens to letterheads. To work well, the corporate branding strategy and custom corporate identity design should appear in a consistent way across all media. Needless to say the same branding and corporate identity should appear in the sales toolkit, the promotional marketing materials, the web site design, the email campaigns, and any other lead generation marketing campaigns.

Who Should Invest in Custom Corporate Identity Design?

Corporate branding strategy and custom corporate identity design are important for large companies, but can often be neglected in small and medium-sized businesses. This is because of the limited marketing budget of smaller companies, who may invest in acquiring prospects before considering custom corporate identity design.

A branding identity is necessary for all businesses, however. An effective corporate branding strategy creates a memorable custom corporate identity design and will give small businesses an edge in very competitive markets. Remember that your corporate branding identity reflects who you are and how you are perceived in the market. Custom corporate logo and slogan design is not something small businesses can afford to neglect. In fact, the cost of creating a branding and corporate identity is low. The actual promotion of a brand, also known as brand awareness, is the part that usually requires large spendings. Thus, the custom corporate logo and slogan design is the foundation for any brand awareness campaign.

Companies should particularly consider investing in a new corporate branding strategy when:

Keep in mind that making over a business brand too often can have potentially adverse consequences and a new brand should be implemented only when the time is right. Creating a new custom corporate identity can lose clients if there is no good reason for it.

Summary Tips to Launch a New Branding and Corporate Identity

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