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A whitepaper (or white paper) is all about educating people about a need for a product or service. Whitepaper is particularly useful for innovative solutions because white papers inform and educate the readers about relevant market trends. It implicitly promotes the benefits of the product or service without refering to a specific solution.

It is crucial that when the reader reads the whitepaper, the marketing copy and the whitepaper business writing do not come across as biased or self-serving. Readers of a whitepaper should feel like they are getting valuable insider information.

A marketing copy writer writing white papers will thus focus on the benefits of a product or service without actually promoting a particular solution. Good marketing copy writers will adopt the same tone as standard business writing to promote an offering from a seemingly objective stance. The trick of quality whitepaper writing is to create a position paper that plants a seed of curiosity in the reader. Like standard marketing documents, white papers should accentuate a clear need and push the reader to keep reading through to the end.

The role of business writing services and marketing copy writers is not only to inform and educate, but also to pique curiosity and interest. If the whitepaper is well-written and convincing, the audience will refer to the boiler plate with the company’s information (the boiler plate can be found on the last page of the whitepaper). The company boiler plate should be a whitepaper’s sole promotional content.

Why Commission White Papers from Marketing Copy Writers?

The whitepaper business writing services offered by marketing copy writers offer several distinct advantages. Here is why you should consider commissioning a marketing copy writer to write your whitepaper?

  1. White paper writing calls for a specific tone and format
    Successful white papers must be written in a very specific format, and to be really effective, white papers must employ specific marketing copy writing techniques. Only marketing copy writers with vast experience in whitepaper business writing services can write convincing documents without referring to the company’s product or service.
  2. White paper writing requires in-depth market research
    White paper business writing services go more in-depth than general marketing copy writing, such as writing content for advertisements or web site content. White papers teach readers about the issues relevant to a particular industry, laying out the problems and giving them the information they need to know before making a product or service decision. If people don’t know they need your product or service, no amount of marketing will help. A marketing copy writer will strive first and foremost to teach people about the specific need within a particular target market.
  3. White paper business writing is usually part of an overall marketing lead generation campaign
    White papers are just one of the building blocks in the marketing of a product or a service. A fully integrated campaign enables better results, provided a professional strategic marketer ensures that the marketing message is consistent and all paths contribute to lead generation. White paper content should be consistent with the marketing strategies employed to be optimally effective.

White Paper and Business Writing Tips

  1. Make sure the executive summary of your whitepaper inspires interest
    Business writing services must strive to keep the attention of readers. A whitepaper executive summary in particular has to prompt readers to continue reading. Executive decision-makers will often skim the summary and conclusion of a whitepaper without looking at the body of the text, and so the marketing copy writer has to intrigue executives so they will read the body of the whitepaper. The executive summary of a whitepaper should create interest and draw curiosity.
  2. Stick to the optimal whitepaper length and format
    A whitepaper usually runs from 8 to 12 pages. Marketing copy writers should respect this range for maximum whitepaper effectiveness. The format of the whitepaper should be defined according to the appropriate marketing message.
    White paper case studies can be a valuable way of demonstrating the points discussed in the body of the whitepaper. Readers will get a better sense of what the business writing means when marketing copy writers use an example to emphasize a concept in the whitepaper. If it’s relevant and possible, use a case study to improve whitepaper writing.
  3. Target your whitepaper audience with appropriate and simple business writing
    Business writing services for white papers are a marketing tool, and so you need to keep in mind your target market to write most effectively. Marketing copy writers always keep in mind who will be reading the whitepaper. Keep language simple, avoid technical jargon, and don’t alienate readers with unnecessary technicalities. This will strengthen the marketing power of your whitepaper business writing.
  4. Use diagrams and visuals throughout the whitepaper to keep the reader’s attention
    An in-depth 12-page whitepaper can be a lot to read in one sitting, and depending on the topic the business writing might be unavoidably complex. Use tables, diagrams and visuals in your whitepaper to consolidate information and back up your business writing.

Let Direct Objective create white paper that not only educate, but ignite new prospects for your solution.

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