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The purpose of this marketing tactic is to educate people on the need for a product or service.

How Does It Work?

These papers are particularly useful for innovative solutions as they inform and enhance the knowledge of the readers on new concepts or market trends. By design, they implicitly promote the benefits of a specific product or service without referring directly to a specific brand.

Readers of a paper should feel they are getting valuable unbiased information. It is crucial that the marketing copy and the writing style do not come across as biased or self-serving.

The trick is to create a position paper that plants seeds of curiosity in the reader’s mind. As with any marketing document, papers should emphasize a clear need and, consequently, encourage reading it to the end. It is at this point that the reader has already established a positive opinion about the topic and is then exposed to the creator of the document.

Why Outsource White Paper Writing to a Professional?

White paper writing services offer several distinct advantages:

What Are the Tips for Writing White Paper?

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Let Direct Objective develop white paper writing that not only educates, but sparks interest in your solution.

Marketing Process: Market research, go-to-market plan, corporate branding identity, execution of SEO, white paper writing, social media, business blog and webinars.


“When the time came to update the content of our Website, we found that Direct Objective was able to quickly grasp our business and communicate our technical expertise in a comprehensive manner. The content of our site, both in French and in English, conveys a clear message. We were very pleased with the results and have worked with Direct Objective on multiple other projects since.”

Stephanie Boyard, Former Marketing Consultant, MSC Services (Now Moneris Solutions)