Service Marketing Agency: Exploring Direct Objective’s Approach

Service Marketing Agency


As a service marketing agency, Direct Objective has extensive experience working with large service organizations and membership-based associations that target businesses or professionals.

Given the intangible nature of the offering, building trust is critical. Thus, our focus is on effectively communicating the benefits gained, while crafting an excellent experience that reflects on the service delivery.


Service Marketing Agency: Services 

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Service Marketing: Who Do We Serve?


Direct Objective has experience working with:

Professional associations

Training houses

Business services

Professional services (for businesses)

Government agencies

Here is a partial list of service clients we’ve had the privilege of working with:

Service Growth

Innovation Growth by Reducing Frictions

We resolve challenges and thus accelerate growth in the following ways:

Whether you are operating provincially, nationally, or internationally, our service marketing firm acts as an extension of your organization to identify prospective members/clients.

We educate them on what you offer and build trust. Not only do we create demand and initial interest, but we strive to create high engagement with these prospects, making sure they have enough information to become clients.

We assist you in acquiring new members through our lead generation services or as a full-service provider, where we only transfer to your team the prospects that are ready to be converted into customers.

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Are you a professional training provider or an association with a mission to educate your industry about best practices? Whether you would like to maximize enrollment for seminars, courses, webinars, and conferences (hybrid, online, or in-person), we have extensive experience in creating interest, following up with potential attendees, and transforming them into paying clients.


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Need to boost registrations?

Merely acquiring new members/clients won’t be enough to ensure the viability of your business. Based on our experience, ongoing investment in securing renewals is a must. Our service marketing team is fully capable of assessing, analyzing, and recommending ways to increase customer retention rates for your organization or association.

We start with a deep and swift analysis, evaluating your data and identifying patterns and areas for improvement. Then, we prepare a practical retention plan, including loyalty programs that will lower your churn rate. To ensure high retention rates, our team can administer the loyalty programs or accompany your team on how to execute these programs to ensure positive results.

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We believe a strong ecosystem allows service-based organizations to thrive better, especially in times of scarce resources. Service marketing can facilitate the development of partnerships, alliances, and sponsorship opportunities that will lead to win-win growth situations in this regard.

Together with your team, we research potential players complimentary to your service who have a high reputation in the same market. We assess the best fit, contact, and initiate the partnership opportunity. We help you negotiate a win-win alliance that would yield concrete, measurable results.

With over 20 years of experience as a service marketing agency, Direct Objective takes pride in the results achieved for large service organizations and associations like yours.

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