5 Tips for Writing an Effective Blog Marketing

Gil Gruber, MBA

Gil Gruber, MBA

With over 20 years of diverse marketing and sales experience, Gil’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to serial success in various business ventures, recognized on the “Maverick of the Morning” CNN show and awarded with the “Best of the Web” from Forbes. Gil is a frequent speaker at conferences, associations, and international events about emerging trends in B2B marketing and business expansion. His book “Turn On Marketing” is available on Amazon.
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Successful business blog marketing is both a science and an art. Although there are many ways to write a corporate blog, without proper marketing, you will not achieve the traffic you seek. Here are some qualities of an effective business blog that takes the necessary steps to meet their viewing targets:

Blog marketing is about storytelling. The tone of the post should be honest and straightforward, without any hard selling or marketing fluff. The content of a corporate blog should be both valuable and relevant to your readers. It should be relatively short (300-400 words) so as to keep the reader engaged/interested.

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures your content gets ranked highly on Google and other search engines. Whatever your business blog subject, select the topics you want to rank on and seamlessly infuse synonymous keywords into the text. For more information, check the 6 stages to increase your SEO ranking.(should we have a link here?)

When you create valuable content on a corporate blog, friends and colleagues want to share it with their network. Write content that people will enjoy reading,and provide readers with  a little bit of useful advice that will leave them wanting more. This approach will lead to increased social sharing and incoming links from other relevant sites. As a result, your online reputation, ranking, and website/ web site/blog  traffic will be enhanced.

A company’s blog is like a puzzle. You build this post by post until, ultimately, your readers see the bigger picture. If you keep your message consistent with your differentiators, over time you will manage to educate website visitors in the areas that are relevant to your business and become their “go-to” source of information.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This means that corporate blogs are not only about writing; it also involves imagery that grabs the attention of readers. Choose attractive visuals to support the message of your corporate blog.

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Final Words

Direct Objective can help you build a successful business blog with shareable content that gets you noticed and increases your web traffic.

If you have any questions about writing a blog and how blog marketing works, do not hesitate to contact us.

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