B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Industries

Direct Objective has proven experience in B2B marketing consulting.

Our B2B marketing services concentrate on three distinct industries:

1. Technology marketing

Sometimes referred to as ICT (Information and Communications Technology). We have over 20 years of experience developing technology marketing, including software, SAAS (Software As A Service), AI (Artificial Intelligence), security, medical devices, alternative energy, hardware, military, telecommunications, multimedia  entertainment, and e-commerce industries.

Beyond marketing, our leading consultants have strong engineering foundations that enable us to quickly grasp innovative technological specifications and “translate” them in a simple manner. This understanding allows us to use sophisticated tools and succeed in marketing campaigns necessary for your sales team.

2. Manufacturing marketing

From the playground to home construction industries, we assist manufacturing clients in penetrating new markets, building better distribution networks, and ensuring effective and modern marketing methods to attract new clients. Our experience in technology allows us to identify opportunities to automate marketing processes and obtain measurable results in a timely manner.

3. Large service organizations/associations

Marketing service companies is not the same as marketing product-based companies. Selling an intangible service is highly related to the reputation of the organization, which is why the perception and the marketing of the service play a major role in the success of service-oriented businesses. Let us boost your membership recruitment, seminar registrations or event enrollments. Being a service company, Direct Objective Consulting has extensive knowledge of how to acquire new clients and successfully retain them.

Direct Objective Consulting assists organizations in developing successful market awareness, innovative strategic marketing plans, and grow their customer base locally and/or internationally. 

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At Direct Objective Consulting, our focus is business-to-business (B2B) lead generation and international expansion. While we have acquired extensive experience in B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing and we constantly try to apply B2C techniques that can work in the B2B space, we rarely take B2C mandates. We prefer to continue developing our expertise and excel in the B2B market.

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"I'll recommend Gil to everyone needing to perform strategic Marketing. Gil has a lot of expertise in B2B commercialization and international marketing methods"

Christian Wopperer, VP Sales Intelligence, CEIM