Technology Marketing Along the Technology Life Cycle

Direct Objective has been working with technology companies for the past 15 years – we know how to steer your business in the right direction. Technology marketing and proven lead generation tactics will greatly increase the demand for your solutions. Our team understands complex technology concepts and can “translate” your technical innovation into commercial success that will make your company thrive.

We have worked with:

        • Software manufacturers
        • SAAS (Software As A Service)
        • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
        • Security
        • Medical devices
        • Alternative energy
        • Mobile apps
        • Hardware producers
        • Military and aerospace
        • Multimedia entertainment
        • E-commerce

Challenges technology companies face

Technology companies strive to acquire new clients but, as they introduce innovations, it is not always easy to penetrate the market and their sales cycle is very long. To overcome this challenge, it is important to focus their attention on leading decision-makers in their target industry and consequently offering solutions in a way that portrays them as the authority of their respective sector.

New technological solutions can be met with skepticism. This is why it is essential that your unified marketing efforts convey a sense of engagement and educate prospects on the potential ROI of your offer.

Direct Objective guides technology and innovation manufacturers through the technology life cycle. This means assisting companies in the following steps:

Validate business/solution viability

Through concise market research analysis, we conduct a competitive analysis to assess the most profitable target markets and validate the business case. This prepares you to stand in front of your investors with all the answers you need.

Adjust positioning message

In order to attract potential clients for your solution, Direct Objective can present your offering in a clear, intuitive way that addresses the target market’s changing needs. We can also differentiate your solution from what your competitors have to offer and ensure your branding aligns with your marketing message. We call this a positioning strategy.

Acquire prospective clients

Planning and executing a go-to-market plan enables your business to receive a constant flow of qualified prospects that your sales team can then convert into loyal paying clients.

Develop authentic and engaging content & design

We can assist with writing a periodic business blog, vlog, or podcast. Our team can prepare custom infographics and new content for your web pages in addition to case studies, white papers, brochures, or any additional content or design that you may need when implementing your desired marketing techniques.

Create demand and high-profile reputation

If your product brings cutting-edge innovation, you will most likely need to educate your target market on why they should invest in your solution. There are many ways to do this: start social media campaigns across various channels, including an article in industry publications (digital and traditional), or build analyst relations with technology experts in your field. These are just a few of the tactics we can assist you with in order to build demand amongst your peers and prospective clients.

A partial list of clients we’ve had the privilege of working with:

Clients logos
Clients logos
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We breathe, live, and take on tremendous tasks with the help of technology. Don’t be afraid to challenge us.

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“With their technical background, Direct Objective was able to easily understand complex technology and engineering processes, and translate that to a simple concept that our customers could understand. We feature these concepts on our website now, and we are getting international leads from all over the world.”

Joël Martin, President, Transtech Innovations