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Selecting the Right Inbound Marketing Mix for B2B Lead Generation

Use "Pull" marketing strategy to see better results with your B2B lead generation marketing campaigns

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What is an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

An inbound integrated marketing implementation is a marketing mix that creates client demand. Instead of abruptly approaching prospects with your offering, trying to push them toward buying your solution, you work to seduce your target market into contacting you. An inbound integrated marketing campaign uses a “pull” rather than a “push” strategy.

Since the traditional outbound marketing campaign implementation has lost much of its effectiveness, many companies are recognizing the power of the inbound marketing campaign implementation. Therefore, an “integrated” campaign strategy must be accompanied with an overall cross-influence between different marketing tactics. Ensuring the integration between the marketing campaigns will allow you to get better results and have the ability to measure it.

Why the Outbound Marketing Campaign Implementation has lost its Effectiveness?

An outbound marketing campaign can come off as very aggressive and intrusive. Prospects may feel they are being pushed into a particular solution. Instead of chasing after prospects, the inbound marketing campaign draws prospects in by providing information or sales marketing materials that they seek out independently. With integrated marketing campaign management, an inbound marketing implementation will bring new client opportunities, facilitating the B2B lead generation process.

Selecting the Right Inbound Integrated Marketing Campaign for your Product/Service

An inbound integrated marketing implementation takes into account that your potential clients are increasingly busy and resistant to impingements on their time. With the advent of white papers, industry analyst reports, email campaigns, business blogs, webinars, search engine optimization, and so on, you can provide prospects with the information they need to make their own decisions “independently”. As an added bonus, with strategic inbound marketing campaigns, prospects will be more receptive and informed about your company/solution and thereby it may lead to shortening your sales cycle!

Inbound Integrated Marketing Campaign Management

Careful marketing implementation is crucial for the smooth integration of separate marketing campaigns. If the marketing campaign implementation does not have a consistent message, it will not be nearly as effective. Thus, the positioning strategy of different campaigns needs to be consistent so that prospects are always getting a coherent message. Results should be monitored and the integrated marketing campaigns adjusted accordingly.

Part of marketing campaign management involves selecting the best marketing tactics. Whether you are better served with an internet marketing campaign or a trade show exhibition, whether you should opt to invest in search engine optimization or online advertising campaign, it is important to select an approach which matches your offering.

Better B2B Lead Generation Marketing Implementation — The Importance of Nurturing Leads

It is not enough to generate sales leads. Following B2B lead generation, leads need to be assessed based on their level of interest, scored and approached accordingly. Strive to convert hot and warm leads into clients, and keep sporadic contact with low-interest leads so that you remain in the back of their minds. B2B lead generation marketing implementation is not a one-shot campaign, but a well-thought out strategy to produce sales over time.

Direct Objective: Inbound Marketing Campaign Management Services

Direct Objective specializes in inbound marketing implementation, whether for an online internet marketing campaign, social media marketing or a PR campaign. Whatever the offering, we will create an integrated marketing implementation that gets results for your company. Results may vary between different offerings, industries, and geographical regions. Conduct an integrated marketing implementation where several marketing campaigns reinforce one another, and you will see better results for your B2B lead generation marketing efforts.

Let Direct Objective design an integrated inbound marketing implementation and B2B lead generation marketing campaigns that drives demand to your solution!